Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Uh oh...what did I do? Why did I do it? Does it matter? I'm a bit worried.

Well it's been interesting. Well, not really. Last night was pretty uneventful. I stayed at home alone mostly. My parents were shopping and didn't get home until 9 or so. J came over at 10. We watched SLC Punk. We'll the beginning at least, cause first he fell asleep and then I did.

This morning I went to Madison on business. We ate at the Cracker Barrel and I was the only one who got to eat normally. My two bosses are on the Atkin's diet together and the other guy ate oatmeal (not normal food). Anyway, then we went on a quest for a Sony phone. But I guess there is no such thing now. Oh well, it was fun. We got back at 12 ish and our Thanksgiving office party lunch was all set out. However, I was still full from breakfast. So...I made a plate and hid it so I could have it later. All afternoon people are just talking and hanging out. I've been talking, spending a little time online and I finished two books that I was almost done with. That's about it. And I'm getting paid for it. That's the coolest part. I just wish we had the choice of going home too. jonk leaves on Sat. I prolly won't see him after today. Oh well. I don't think I mind that much. Sure, he's a good guy and if I wasn't with J then...I dunno. But it does no good to think about it when there isn't anything you can do about it.

I got to talk to OH yesterday! Finally! I've been trying to call him for four days. I think I was annoying his parents. We talked and it was great. He said I was beautiful! I got to tell him my lastest drama (E, JQ and J). His response was "I wish I was there so I could hug you and welcome you to the real world." He's moved out of his parents again I guess. Congrats. Now I have three frickin numbers to call if I want to get a hold of him. He also broke up with his very cool girlfriend. Which is ..... interesting. Kinda sad for them but not so sad for me. I hate seeing them together...there I said it. But they were so cute...I just will never get over him. That sucks. Never say never tho, right? But if I make a list it proves that I shouldn't like him so much. 1 - He lives hours away. 2 - He slept with my best friend (at the time) and possibly my sister. 3 - I have J and like him very much.

I hate indecision. Ah fuck it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Can you abuse caffine? Cause I don't really have a lot of it. Normally I only have one soda, if that, a day. And once in awhile I'll have a cup or two of coffee. But that's it. And I just had a big big big big cup/glass/styrofoam thingy of strong strong strong coffee. So strong that we put heavy whipping cream in it and it was still super strong. Wow. I'm all jittery and jumpy and I have a ton of energy. But back to my question, people abuse alcohol and drugs and whatnot to get them high. And caffine is techinically a drug, so do people take it to get them high? Dur, yeah they do! I used to know someone who would crush up no-doze and snort them. Yucky, what a dork. But he did it, so I answered my own question.

I went to lunch with the receptionist, a sales person and jonk today. And I wore a fuzzy white bucket hat. Adorable, cute, I love it soo very very much! And jonk asked about it. Before I said anything the receptionist blurts out, "Yeah, I think she looks like an idiot." Ok, hello? Tact much? And besides...fuck you! jonk even defended me and said it was stylish. Not exactly what I care about but he liked it. I just thought that was so rude! What a bitch! I hate her stupid clothes and I don't say anything... die devil witch.

Anyway...I'm better, really. Minus typing so fast that I'm words ahead before I notice mistakes. That's fun. Not really but oh well....I just spilled coffee all over me. Shucky dang darn...at least it wasn't hot!

So I don't get to go to Madison today. Big deal, so what? I'm going tomorrow. Which royally sucks! We're having a Thanksgiving party tomorrow so if I go to Madison and have to work...blah. I want to party! But I guess I'll do it some other time...*sniff,sniff

hehehe I said toodles

So anyway, nothing new really. Went to lunch with jonk and C yesterday. It was a good time. Subway, Eat Fresh. I hate Subway. I much prefer Sub Express cause it's all baked and oooo-y goo-y goodness. But it was still fun. It was one of the last memories I'm going to have of jonk. So very very sad. Sad like a bluebird.

Oh well. I'll get over it.

Monday, November 25, 2002

I get to go to Madison! I get to go to Madison! Ya know, it might not be very exciting for you but I haven't been there in awhile, and have never been there for work. So now, business trip tomorrow to Madison! I don't think I have to do anything, but if I do...shit, I hope I do it right. This'll be fun! Plus I get overtime...I think. If not, I don't care, cause I'm not really going to be working most of the day anyway. Woo hoo! Cracker Barrel for lunch too. Not that I'm a big fan or anything but...we'll see. Ok toodles!

HEllo world! It's me! C! I've been totally hooked on Penny Arcade for the past . . . ever since I was introduced to it! I've been going through the archives for the past two days and - GOD! - I'm just obsessed! I laugh, I cry, I laugh some more and the world is at peace. I'd love to meet the guys that started Penny Arcade!

I wish I had the know-how to make my own comic and put it online! K and I have so many experiences and good times that I'm sure I could keep up with a comic every frickin' day! OH! I WISH! I WISH! I WISH!. . . I were a fish?

Lunch with K! I'm goin' to lunch with K-aye!! I AM SOOOOOOOO (ya know-O) hungry!! I could eat a frickin' . . . a frickin' . . . really big animal, but not a horse. I don't think I'd like horse meat. There are some animals I just can't eat without remembering that I had a pet like them once. Horse. . . I just couldn't do it. Well maybe I could, but I'd stop myself for a good two seconds before chowin' down.

For the love of Pete! It's only 11:20ish-sorta-kinda-but-not-exactly. I'm trying my hardest to waste some time here, but it's taking forever! Why do I have to be so damned efficient? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

P.A.: June 19, 2000! I want a shirt that says I like Pie!!!!!

Ok, long long long weekend.

Friday - I met C and my high school musical sidekick at the local pizza parlour like planned. We played pool (I did pretty good if I do say so myself...and I do), ate pizza (half pepperoni, half pineapple) and shoot zombie scum. It was great. After we paid, we all took a trip to the local Wal-mart. Woo hoo. It was pretty fun actually. We chased random hot guys around the store and caused chaos in general. Or at least pretended to. Anyway, C and I ended up picking up L and going to Kitchen. Sat around talking, it was pretty boring actually. So C and I went outside to play hack. We were alone for 5 mins or so but then a random guy came out to join us. He told us about a cool little town he stayed at for a summer in Colorado and we all talked random bs. It was great, we did fairly well once we got into the conversation, the hack just stayed in the air. So we got cold and hungry and went inside. C and I ended up talking to E and L after a while. It was fun. So much fun that when the regulars (us) got kicked out at 3 because of it being opening weekend, I didn't want to go home yet. C and L were ready to go, so they went home and I got a ride with JQ to the Kitchen in town B. On the way there, JQ told me about how much he thinks I'm a great person and how great looking I am and how he just really thinks that J doesn't treat me the way he should. Seriously he went on the whole way there and we had to sit in the car for a couple of mins to finish our conversation before we went in. But he was asking me if I would be his girlfriend if J and I ever broke up. It was kinda weird...I've never had a conversation with a married man like that before. Strange. Anyway, we go inside and E was already there. It was us three all night. But E starts talking about how J and mine relationship seems like it's just one for convenience (which really it isn't convenient at all!), I think they could tell I was getting a little annoyed at the conversation cause it changed. It was fun for awhile, but then JQ started talking all sorts of stuff that was just too deep to think about when I was so tired. So was pretty much falling asleep and E was listening (or pretending to). I got up to go to the bathroom and splash some water on my face to wake me up and when I got back we talked for a min and then E got up. While he was gone JQ asked me if I was attracted to E. And I didn't answer right away cause a waiter just showed up and before I got a chance to say anything JQ said I had already answered and said that while I was gone E had just been talking about how sexy I was and how he really likes me. Well, crap. So I dealed with that the best I could while sitting there. Still falling asleep and JQ went on for another hour before offering me a ride home. So we left and talked a little on the drive, but it was 5:30 ish in the morning and I was tired and not responsive. It was strange all in all.

Saturday - I woke up at 3 when L called. Then I called C and asked how she was doing. We talked for awhile. Then I moved my lazy butt into the living room when I proceeded to waste what was left of the day watching silly pre-teen movies on tv (10 things I hate about you, part of Never been Kissed and a tiny bit of Clueless). But then I showered, got all pretty and L called again. He's sister's boyfriend had some stuff I wanted to get. So we talked prices and I finally talked him down to $40 for a lot! I drove out there, picked it up, drove back into town to my sister's aparment and proceeded to get rid of some in the best way possible. I amazed W at the price I got it for and he bought some from me. So basically I paid $20 for what would normally cost...$50. And W got the same deal. So that's a $100 worth of product for $40. Cool. It wasn't very good but ya know, it's been two months. So we laughed and wrote some things down. I'd like to see that. Anyway, I drove back to L's sisters to pick him up and they had me sit and sample some really good stuff. Wow, J called and asked where I was and I felt really bad cause I was supposed to meet him. He told me not to worry about it and that he would see me some other time. I still felt horrible, so L and I left right away. I started out driving but realized soon that it wasn't something I should be doing. So I pulled over and L drove. We were both paranoid as all hell. Him cause he's wanted by police officers, me cause...Anyway, we get to Kitchen safe and sound. L and I sit with one of J's roommates and her girlfriend. They all laugh at me while I'm laughing at them. It was pretty funny. But then I got food and felt much more...me. So I moved and sat next to E and L came with me. We all talked. I don't think L likes E very much. Not at all. But it was a pretty boring night. I wasn't talking a lot and when I don't talk I guess other people don't know what to say. But I realized that part of the appeal to E was gone because I knew he likes me. Strange. So L and I left. I dropped him off at his sister's and then drove home. I don't remember dropping Levi off or driving home. I do remember making a bowl of Lucky Charms and reading some of my book. But that's about it.

Sunday - Woke up at 1:44. Watched part of the Packer's game. Disgusted I then went to JC Penny to drown my sorrow in new clothes. I got a gray sweater (fuzzy and cute and soft and warm and so very very great!), a gray adidas snow hat and a grey adidas jacket. I guess I was on a gray kick. But the jacket itself cost $95, but because of great sale prices, I got all my stuff for $90.19. Horray! Oh well, went home watched some more of the game, watched something else, watched Fox. Got bored. Went into my room and talked on the phone for a long time with C. Took a shower. Read. Talked to J. Went to sleep. Exciting times I tell you. Not really, I felt like crap yesterday. I just wanted to sleep. Stupid decision bring about stupid results.

happy fucking monday

Does anyone else understand what it's like to be 18 and grounded? I hope not cause it sucks. I figured it would be a good idea to stay at home while I'm going to the campus in town, but now I'm starting to think otherwise.
One night a week, that's all I'm asking. One night to come home when I'm ready, not when her 1am curfew forces me to come home. It wasn't all bad. I did get her to agree on a 2am curfew for that one night a week, but I'm still grounded for 2 flippin' weeks! BLECH!!
This whole college-student-adult-living-at-home-thing is really NOT all it's cracked up to be.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Ok. Yeah. Wanna know something sad? I have 5 red pens, 3 black pens, 2 pink pens, 1 blue pen, 1 purple pen, 1 green, 1 fine point black marker, 1 extra fine point black marker and one red marker in my drawer. That makes me very sad for a number of reasons. First of, I MUST be really bored if I am taking inventory of my pens. Secondly, I don't even like writing in red. And last of all.... pens just make me sad.


Have you ever thought of the origins of words? Like kidding. From being childish (a kid). So calling someone a kidder should be the same as calling them childish. But childish has a more negative connotation to it. At least in my opinion. I don't think I'm alone when I think of silly stuff like that, am I?

Is there a Miss Universe pagent? Cause if there is, how could it be really Miss Universe, unless you really had contenstants from all over the Universe? Not just residents of this island Earth, but other forms of intelligent life if it does exist. However, beauty is part of the judging process. So wouldn't judges be bias to their species? So the judging process would have to be based more on faults and strengths of each species. Kinda like a dog show.

I guess I'm just in a funny mood. Like not funny-ha-ha, but funny-wow-that's-something-I've-never-thought-of-let's-ponder-on-that. Wow. I scare me...and I'm frightened. But it's all good.

Quote for the day -

"There are two kinds of people in the world, smokers and non-smokers. There are many non-smokers who puff away all day, just as there are many smokers who've never had a drag — and they're all miserable. " - Some Robin Williams character or something

Man, I'm gonna be all smiley and happy today now. I got to talk to Blue Eyes I got to talk to Blue Eyes! Seriously, he has the eyes that C was talking about. The frozen-in-time look. Ohhh man oh man. Had there not been drama this summer, I think we might have hooked up. Damn you drama! Now tho, he only works weekends and I only work during the week (dur) so I haven't seen him in months. And then next time I see him might be the X-mas party. I dunno... I really wanted to talk to him for a long time but I was playing receptionist so I had to talk to some delivery guy. Damn you delivery guy! But it was neato anyway. I miss him! And hope I see him soon!

Oh well, I'll stop my immature run of emotions from spilling any further onto the page. And talk about other no-so-happy-stuff. I got yelled at today at work. Wow, I never thought it would happen. Not that I'm happy that it did or anything, in fact, it kinda ticked me off cause it wasn't my fault but...ya know, I kinda deserved it. I still don't know exactly what I'm doing, only a little bit, and I've been here since June. Wow, kinda sad. But these are projects that are worked on once a year, so it's something new all the time. Anyway, my supervisor told me what to do and then left. But she talked super fast and I still wasn't sure about all that I was supposed to be doing. So I didn't really do it. Whoops. Anyway, this morning I found out that it's a good thing I didn't do it cause there were some changes to be made. But when my supervisor came in a told me, she was kinda yelling. More like annoyed and talking loud. But still. So now I've done it and it's done. Hopefully correctly, cause she left, again.

It's it noon yet? Why not? I'll kick you!

I went to my sister's (F) house last night and had a lot of fun. F and W (her live-in boytoy) made my parents, J, one of their friend CC (crusty critter) and me tacos! F gave me a shirt (really really cute!) and we did make-up together. It was so girly! After mom and dad left, we played Asshole. I've never played before but wow is it a lot of fun. And wow, you drink a lot! I started out with some wine coolers (cause I didn't want to drink too much) but soon ran out and had to drink Smirnoff Ice as the only alternative to Bud Light and yuck. I can only drink beer when I'm in the mood (never).

I am having a hard time drinking Smirnoff Ice. I drank way too much of it before (way too much being a six pack or so anytime I drank) and now...ugh. My tummy hurts this morning. I'm glad I ate a lot of bread when I got home from work last night (not even knowing that I was going to be drinking). I'm so good. Oh well. I'm not feeling terrible. Just a little...yucky. I took a shower when I got home (I got home around 12:30am, not too bad) and my hair was still soaking wet this morning so I had to blow dry it...yucky. I was going to say something else but I forgot.

Oh yeah, before I went to sleep I thought of some weird stuff and it totally made sense last night so here is what I wrote down:

"Wouldn't it be cool if you could ignore body parts? Like if something was in pain - you could just* be like 'Shut up & quit your bitching. I don't want to deal w/ you anymore." And then you wouldn't feel any pain from there. Like you could 'shut down the circuit' connecting** the body part to your brain. I.E. Noxzema in Eye!"

*the 'j' in just looks like a 'y' with a dot over it
**connecting is spelt 'conectng' or something like that, I can't quite read it.

See what I think I was thinking was, I had gotten Noxzema in my eye and it hurt. So I flushed it out with water but I didn't know if there was any in there still, but it didn't hurt. So I ignored it and wondered if I just didn't want to feel the pain so I didn't. Ya know? If ya don't it's

Another thought I had last night was:

"I REMEMBER! Holden Caufield* would pretend he was shot when he was drinking. MP** did the same thing. That's where the squeegee*** thing came from!"

*Main character from 'The Catcher in the Rye'
**My strange buddy
***really spelt "squeeeeegeeeeeee"

Thursday, November 21, 2002

It's pretty sad when I think some thoughts are too depressing to post here. I need a pep pill.

There are all these people that I think would be totally awesome to meet. Some are authors of random blogs and some are just people on the street I'd like to walk up to and become friends with because they look/are interesting. This one guy put his phone number up on his blog and told everyone to call him. I wonder if anyone has. And I wonder what they talked about. And if a friendship came from it.

So tomorrow. Big plans for pizza, pool and shooting zombie scum at the local pizza parlor. (wanna go to the chapstick parlor?) Anyone in Wisconsin who wants to go, drop me an email dreamcatcher_gurl@yahoo.com you're invited. It'll be a ton of fun.

I think it's time for me to go play some games. Oh wait, it's almost time for lunch. What to eat? Food of course silly! But what food? How about a baked sub from Sub Express? Yummy, sounds like a plan.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I tell myself I'm not finding the right kind of men in Wisconsin and BAM! One sits down right next to me. Granted it was yesterday, but I wasn't about to right about it right then. I've had too many folks with wandering eyes sit next to me and I REALLY did not want to embarrass myself in front of this man. He was WOW! I did a double-take and everything. I love seeing men with great eyes. Sure my def. of "great eyes" is different than some, but I know what I like and by George I'll share it with anyone who feels like listening (or reading). Icy blues, that's the best way I can describe them. They weren't a plain old blue; they had a sort of frozen-in-time look to them. I'll admit it I stared, but not to the point that it creeped him out. He actually smiled back, so I knew I wasn't over stepping my bounds. HURRAY FOR ME!! I feel like I've just stepped into my 13-year-old skin again: immature and boy crazy, but I don't think I'm crazy . . . well not boy crazy, just observant.

Sometimes I wish I had the guts to just ask a guy out. I was a firm believer that men have to make the first move and ask the women out, but here in our quiet, little hick town that's not how it works. I wish it was tho because I haven't properly developed my back bone. I think I'd have funn with dates tho. I wouldn't want a fancy-shmancy schpeel cause that would give me too many chances to screw up and embarrass myself. Instead I want to be immature and play it by ear. No formal stuff! It just gets people stressed and then they feel obligated and that's no funn.

I'm so open-minded I think my brains are falling out.

I can't believe this. It's only 8:14 in the am and I'm already posting some stupid crap. So many other days I fill my 8 to 9 hour with emailing C, reading the news and catching up on blogs and cartoons. But today C isn't at school yet and no one has decided to post yet. So here I am, doing all the work. Well, let me tell you, my post is gonna suck!

First of all, last night I did nothing. I read for a 3 hours, took a shower and then watched South Park with Cody. Woo hoo. Then we talked. Recorded some of it and then she went home and I went to sleep. Congratulations to me.

Second, the pictures we got back weren't that great. Almost none of them turned out. Well, if we had the flash on it almost worked but they aren't for something far away so the Creed pics were very poor. I only put two in my photo album. However, the Lake pics turned out great! We're all wet and cold and swimming. WOOT!

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

C you rock my world! Seriousity should be a word, I concur. Did you take my advice with the hottie with the SWEET eyes? I hope so.

WORK SUCKS! (I would do anything to switch spots with you C!) I sit here half the day and wait for people to get me what I need. When I finally get it (if I get it) I work for a half hour to fix all my mistakes. Then I sit around a little more. I spend my time emailing C, writing letters, balancing my checkbook (I'm so far off I'll never be right again), and reading various blogs. I've found so many interesting ones! At least, I find them interesting. But I've spent a whole morning reading all the archives of just one. Scary.

In other news:


Yup that's about it. Nothing new is going on and nothing is planned for tonight. I'm supposed to stop by the local Pick N' Save and get my pictures after work, which I will do. I'm excited! It's pics from the Creed concert, Kitchen and from when the group of us jumped into the lake when it was 45 degrees out. That was awhile ago.

Ya know, this person (assuming female) wrote an awesome essay about how females aren't involved enough in the "hardcore" scene. I was just thinking the same thing the morning I found it by complete accident. I'd tell you where you could check it out, but I lost the addy. Shit, it was a pretty cool site too. I guess I lost all my brain power to the funny cigarettes. Damn you devil's spawn! Thank you SKFSHBTO Foundation. Even tho I curse you most of the time, I appreciate the help to "Just say no". Which sucks soooo bad! But I've been good for two months now. Truly an accomplishment. I wonder how long it will last...

Oh well. I'm going to go work again. Stupid grids. Stupid book. Stupid tourists. Stupid Ads. It really sucks to live/work in Wisconsin's biggest tourist towns. Sucky-sucky-for-your-wang-sucky.

I am fighting a losing battle with Pay Days.
Something tells me there's more to this whole "stay in school" thing than they're leading me to believe.
As the search for Waldo continues. . .
"We will not turn the page until we find him and his sweater-wearing pooch!"
In other news, there has been no cancellation of the weekend. Please proceed with sanity.

I'm an odd, sick, smart, silly, chilly-willy monkey!!!

But serious ly folks. . . Oh! to hell with seriousness! Could seriousity be a word? If it isn't it should be!

Tuesday, November 19, 2002


This really isn't fair. One of the only people I actually like at work is leaving me! It makes me so very very sad. Honestly, he is one of the nicest people here...at least to me. And now, this Friday is going to be the last day I see him. How insanely sad. Then again I've gone without him for three weeks already...what's the rest of my life?

So many people have just disapeared from me. D is wherever she is and not calling. But I've changed so much and she hasn't so it's not a close friendship anymore anyway. P is gone. It's only been two weeks and already it seems like forever. But I have had practice with not seeing her. We used to not see each other for weeks. And now jonk. Well what the truck? Who else is leaving me?

But I guess there is nothing I can do about it.

Is it really asking that much to want to be able to fly?

As much as I want to start a band and be all cool and play the music I love...I know it wouldn't work. Even tho I finally have a guitar (borrowed from my dear sister) and am going to start lessons (whoever, KG or not) I don't think my friends and I could ever really get organized. I dunno. I'm just happy that I'll be able to play and that SD is going to be famous and I'll get to tag along with him. He promised. But we'll see in a couple of years when he really is famous. And I have no doubt that he will be. Maybe I should see if he can show me some stuff. I want to learn everything I can!

I wonder if that one person is still avoiding me...what's up with that? I think I'll call.

Quack-Quack, baby!! If you think you can fit a man under my tree be my guest!

Right! Now it's time for me to complain! I'm writing this term paper on Jack the Ripper. It's due next Monday, so I'm busting my hump to get it done before the weekend. It's my goal every week to get as much stuff done as possible. I absolutely hate hanging out with friends and distracting myself with worries of homework. It bums me out. So anyway I'm writing this paper and I just find out that our prof. is going to extend the date! That should make me happy right? WRONG! I want to get this thing done NOW! I don't need it to hang over me till next week, plus this extended date gives me farther reason to procrastinate a little more. I can tell myself not to give in until my brain pops (like Earth), but I know I'm going to stumble on a more exciting activity and I'll forget about this paper. Whoa is me! What me going to do?

Oh nice times last night. Went to Wal-mart and spent tons of money. I only meant to buy Baseketball but they didn't have it. So I got Steel Magnolias, Dazed and Confused, and The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys instead. Fair trade off right? So C and I went to my house and watched DLofAB (neither of us have seen it, I bought it on a whim). I could have cried. But I didn't. It's a good movie. Watch it.

We played hack last night! I was super excited! This was the first time in sooo very very long. J and I were beating each other up too. I kicked him and he punched me. Both on accident, but we were shoving and being silly. I won! I won!! or at least didn't lose.

And the trip to Wal-mart last night really made me think about how I need to start X-mas shopping. This sucks. I hate X-mas shopping. Cause I can always find a ton of things for one person, but nothing for anyone else. And this year, it looks like shopping for C is gonna be easy. Lucky duck.

So what should I get J? Something good. But what? A sweatshirt with a purdy design? An engraved zippo...even tho he stopped smoking? Hugo Boss...the most beautiful male scent out there? CD's? I have no idea. I think I need to get one of those post-thingys, cause I need to know.

Monday, November 18, 2002

The Catcher in the frickin Rye man! Why the hell was I trying to remember that? For some reason at the concert I was thinkin about that book and I could remember the main character was Holden Caufield, but I couldn't remember the title. Now I don't even know why I was thinkin about it! I want my memory powers back!

Damn you Squee-gee!!!!!!

You will never win!!!! Softball socks are better cause softball is better. Plus, I bet my socks would hold the sharpie for a longer time. So while you may have room for ONE extra autograph, I will have the autographs for the rest of my life. So there! Besides, TWO, not one, but TWO of the guys from Stereo Fuse wrote "Your socks rock" and one of the other guys wrote "Sox Rox". SOOOO I win! I WIN!!

And it was the lead guitar player who signed first, the bass was the bald guy. The guitar player had lot of very pretty and flowing hair. So get it right or pay the price!

You are SO WRONG! SOCCER SOCKS RULE!!!! You know why? Because I can fit more autographs on them, THAT'S why! HA! I win! I WIN!!

So very many great things happened this weekend! I had such a great time!

Friday- Got done with a very boring day at work and drove the 20 min country drive home only wanting to take many sleeping pills, curl up into a little ball under a pile of blankets and pass out. Not so simple. Instead, am surprised with tickets to see the local theater guild do Jesus Christ Superstar. So, what they hay, I love theater, I love that play, I don't love some of the people in it. But still, I forgot my feelings about certain snotty, bitchy, people as the play progressed. I love it! They did such a great job! A lot of local people really surprised me. I'm going to have to seek these people out and shower them with compliments. It really was a great time.

So afterwards I went home, curled up into a little ball under many, many blankets and watched a movie. Then feeling kinda ill and wanting fresh air, I convinced my dad to drive me to town A to see if I wanted to go to Kitchen. I got there and decided to stay, so I got a promise from a friend to drive me home. So hung out with those friends, then went outside to call another to ask why they weren't there and then E showed up. Gave him a big hug and said hello. Hung up with other friend and went back inside. Said hello to J who was hiding in the corner and participating in the Magic tournement (ick). Then went and sat with E in a lonely booth. We talked a lot. I don't even remember all that we spoke about. But it was fun. Random people would come over and talk for a bit and then leave. Until S came and stayed for a while. Which kinda annoyed me, which is really stupid. But when she came over, I kinda got ignored for a bit. E noticed and told me so in way that referenced our conversation earlier. But we all started talk and came up with an insane way to make money. But it just might work.... J ended up driving me home. I finally got to sleep at 5:30am.

Saturday - Woke up to the sound of the door bell. Thought for a brief moment about putting some real clothes on, but then answered the door in my pj's. Can only imagine what C saw or thought. But she came in and told me it was 5 pm and we should be leaving. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get ready quickly. Then we left and went to Madison to see the concert. Guess who. Creed. I'm not going to go into detail, I'll let C do that, but I will say a few things. 1) Although I have said before that while I don't really like Creed. I wish to retract that statement. They still aren't my favorite, but they are pretty cool. 2) Stereo Fuse is an awesome band and did not get enough stage time. 3) Softball socks are better than soccer socks.

After the concert we each went to our homes and showered and then drove to Kitchen. I heard somethings that never should have been uttered about my parents (people talking trash to be funny and shocking) and meet a couple of new people plus an old stalker. I was in a social mood, so after running around and talking to various people, I sat across from a guy I've never seen before. My friend S was sitting next to him earlier so I figured he might be safe for a conversation. I said that I didn't know him and asked him who he was. He said Bahb. Spelt it out too. I said 'you're stoned' and he said 'nope.....just....tired....' What a liar! We talked and laughed and had funny times. We realized we knew a couple of the same people so that was cool. He picked up some sugar packets from the bowl, opened them and dumped part of the sugar back into the bowl! It took him a second to realize that he wanted it in his coffee. I laughed, heartily. But when J came over to give me a kiss good night and I walked him out, the guy kinda stopped talking. Another kid had come over so I kinda chatted with him a bit, not much tho, cause I didn't really like him even tho I had only talked to him for two mins or so. I asked that kid his name and he told me...which made me think to ask his last name....and my fears were proven. This guy used to call me once a week at least for a year and a half. Even when I asked him to stop calling. I didn't tell him my last name but he did know my first and I made the mistake of telling him that I knew L. L being the one who introduced us the first time and who gave him my number. Damn you L!!!!!!!!!! So now I have to hope he never goes to kitchen again. Pretty quick after that, everyone was kicked out of kitchen. C and I ended up talking to JQ for a half hour or so in the entrance. He told us some of his theories and we listened. Pretty interesting really. It was late and I was tired so C and I left, JQ followed me home. It was so cute. When we got there, JQ says "K, I'm can I stop stalking you now? I'm tired and want to go home." I decided to let him punch out for the night. C and I were going to go to bed right away, but ended up eating Lucky Charms and watching The Other Sister instead. I wanted to stay up and watch it, but I knew we should sleep. Away we went to my big huge bed and couldn't stop talking and laughing. So I turned on the tape recorder and let it be documented. Squan? What? Oh well it was fun. Finally I turned off the recorder and the talking continued for a good 5 mins and then died as we fell asleep.

Sunday - Woke up at 1:30 and watched the Packers...poor poor Packers. It was my dad's B-day so I hung out at home and did whatever. F and W came over and we ate dinner together. We all went to Harry Potter and I paid for my parents (aren't I sweet?). I was so tired by the end (start 8:15 end 11). At home in bed tho, I had a hard time falling asleep. I was waiting for J to call and he didn't. Meanie.

And here I am on a Monday morning...almost lunch. Wasting time and money. It's great!

This is going to be a really long blog! I've got class in about 30-35 minutes so I'll prolly have to put it away and come back to it, but it all must be written. You can't appreciate it all unless I write it all. Here goes:

The Tale of the Creed Concert

I left my house at 4:30. I stopped at Wal*Mart and got the cameras then went to K's to pick her up. I knew before I even left my house that I should call her and tell her I was on my way, but I figured I was making a big deal out of nothing. But when I got to her house I wanted to kick myself. Her car was in the street, but the house was dark and locked. She was still asleep! At 4:50 in the afternoon K was still asleep! I was sooo suprised. I rang the door bell for 5 minutes, hopping, praying she was still home, and when she finally answered the door (in her P.J.s) I wanted to scream! But she apologized and quickly got ready. I sat on the couch, pouted a little, then got over it and played with her dog.

We left K's house at-oh-5:15ish and I sped all the way. I think I was averaging about 62 the whole way down. Traffic was wonderful! I couldn't believe my luck! EVERYONE was going 60 or better. I've never been so happy to see so many speeders in all my life!! Anyway-I took the exit off 12 to the Alliant Energy Center and, silly me, totally missed the turn to the parking lot. OOPS! No biggy tho. I drove straight into the Sheriden and barrowed their parking lot to turn around. Hardly 2 minutes lost. So K and I are waiting at the red light to drive back across the street and I start thinking out loud. I think my adrenalin was kinda high by then. I do weird things when my adrenalin is that high. I'm lookin' at the red light and I say to it, "I would like a green light." It doesn't turn green. So I say, "May I please have a green light." It turns green and I laugh. Then K and I both say, "Thank you." We are an odd sort!

So we motor across the street, pay our $4 to park and find a spot. I've found out that if you want to really have a good time at a concert you need to have as few things to worry about as possible. For instance: Don't bring a jacket with you, you'll be too warm as soon as you step inside. Only carry with you what you can fit into a pocket or a sock (wear looooong socks ALWAYS), because, odds are, you'll end up losing it. So K and I left our jackets behind and stuffed the cameras (one for each of us) into a sock. It was soooo cold tho. I really wanted to keep my jacket, but I knew the doors weren't far so I could live with it. K suggested that we run to the entrance, you know, to get warm. I said, "Sure." So we booked it up the hill from our parking spot. We dodged people, cones, a blazer and a couple of traffic directors before we could see the front doors. And what do you think we saw in front of those doors? Go ahead and guess, I'll wait. . .

A LONG F*CKING LINE!!! Three of them actually.

So there we are: no jackets, me wearing a tank-top and K in a half-sleeve T, both of us freezing our @$$es off! We stood in that line for an hour! There was a huge monitor-thingy by the entrance that listed off the bands playing that night, some up-coming events AND the temperature. It was a whopping 23 degrees out there. I still can't believe I stood out there that long without losing a finger. K and I tried our best to stay warm. We stood as close to each other as possible and sang. That's right we sang (smiling as I write this). We are big fans of Veggie Tales, if you've never heard of them or seen them you have to! Granted it's all bible-type stories, but they've got songs and innuendoes that we laugh at long after the video's over. So we're out there shivering and singing silly songs from Larry (he's a cucumber on the show). We sang "I Love My Lips", "Dancing Cucumber", and a whole bunch of others. People around us started staring and laughing so we sang a little louder. I said to K, "If we keep this up do you think they'll start throwing money at us?" She laughed.

---UH-OH! Time for class. I'll be right back!---

Ok, where was I? Ah-ha! Ok, so we're inching our way to the front doors, to warmth, to CREED!! As we get closer we notice that people are getting searched and they're taking their cameras away!! K and I look at each other and didn't know what to do. The "body-searchers" run their hands under your pits, down your sides, and around your ankles. There's no place for us to safely hide the cameras. But rather than give in and hand them over, we wait it out and see what happens. At every step I'm getting more and more nervous. I didn't want to disappoint Phie (I promised her pictures), and I sure as hell didn't want these cameras to go to waste! We get to the door, and lemme tell ya, through it all it was SO worth it for us to leave our jackets in the car!!!! Because we were jacket-less and had tighter clothing they only had us face them and turn around. They DID NOT search us!!!! We got our cameras IN!!!

As we giggled and laughed and stumbled with delight down the stairs the first band, Stereo Fuse, greeted us with their first song. They were pretty good, too! So we headed to the mosh and no one-I mean NO ONE-was jamming. It made me sick, so K and I started bouncin' around and got a few people to join us, but that was it. There was a guy jammin' next to us with a camera. K asked him how he got it in, but I didn't hear what he told her. He held it up and shot a picture and not more than a few seconds later someone behind him snatched it out of his hand. It was a "staffer" and he exposed the film and walked away. After that I decided to be more careful. After each picture I took I quickly stuck the camera back into my sock and waited. The plan worked all night!

After their show, Stereo Fuse said they'd be signing autographs! I knew our long socks would really come in handy!! So we went to the signing table and had to wait for a good half hour, before we had room to throw our legs up to be signed. The base player signed my sock first-"your sock rocks". I was giddy-happy!! Then he signed K's sock and we went out to see Default. They're a good band but that night they kinda sucked. Their beat was off, not to mention the crowd was bogusly dull! So we went back to the signing table for the rest of Stereo Fuse's autographs. The crowd had thinned out so we didn't have to wait long. I got the lead guitarist, then the singer, and finally the yummy drummer. I love drummers! If I had the money I'd learn to play the drums!

With autographed socks, K and I bounced and ran our way back to the floor and jammed to Default. When we came back in the front was getting more and more crowded, so we tried to weave our way through politely. I don't like to push so I'd say excuse me by their ear and more often than not they'd move over for me, but this one woman-oh boy! I said excuse me once-no response. I figured she hadn't heard me, so I said it again and tapped her shoulder. She whipped around and looked and the both of us. She was drunk! Her eyes were dartin' everywhere, she swaggered, and I could smell the beer on her breath. She said some things to us, moved her hand ,and shook her index finger at us, but we couldn't hear a word she said! So rather than fight with a drunk 40-something, K and I waited til she turned then walked around her. Thankfully that was the only bad thing about the night.

Default finished and we decided to jam on the other end of the floor. We ran into a couple of people we knew and chatted with a few we didn't. I love talking to random people at concerts! K and I found a good spot in front of this couple. They were prolly no more than 25, so we chatted with them until the lights went down. I turned around, but the stage was still empty. There was some instrumental rock playing on the speakers and all of a sudden I felt something or someone stroking the back of my neck. I thought K was messing with me again (we'd been trying to scare each other like that all night), but when I turned to look at her both of her hands were by her side. I jumped and before I could shoot my hand back and see what it was it was gone. Oh that was FREAKY!

The music continued on, and K and I were making up stories for each other to explain why there was still no one on the stage. I told her the lead was passed out cold and I did an impression of him drunk saying, "Oh, God, my head! Where are we, and what the f*ck is all the noise for?" She laughed at me and told me that they were prolly smokin' a bowl back there and were too giggly to sing for us. Then she started doing impressions and we laughed til we cried. It was good fun!

And then the most wonderful thing in the world happened. Creed decided to join us. They came out with torches flaming behind them, fireworks shooting off over their heads and behind their backs. They came out to the screaming and cheering of all of us and began the show with "Look at Me". I just about died! The bass kicked so well the hair on the back of my neck jetted out and I couldn't stop a cheesy smile from sticking to my face. Everyone was jammin' and singin' along. Every now and then the torches would explode and send up puffs of flame. K and I were about half-way back from the stage and we could still feel the breath from the fire. WOW! And through all of the wowing, dancing and cheering I still had time to find my sanity and fill up my camera with pictures. I can't wait to get them back from developing!

Friday, November 15, 2002

Sorry, I know I'm slackin on the quotes but...what can ya do? I don't feel particulary intelligent all the time (yet somehow I always seem to write something...how does that work?).

I hung out with my family last night, we ate at a buffet. W and F were cool people. W was actually in a good mood and we got along pretty well. So I guess because we've done that the last couple of times we've hung out, I'm invited over a lot more. Strange how that works. I just find it annoying that in order to hang out with my sister, I have to kiss her boyfriends ass. Not very cool.

But fuck it.

Tonight I'm chillin' with the folks again! Good Lord, they're gonna think I like them or something...jk I love my parents. We're going to go watch Jesus Christ Superstar! at the theatre. I don't know if I like the play or not, but I love theater so I want to see it regaurdless. It's not often that you see almost professional plays come thru this town. And the guy playing Jesus, has been in Hair. I would love to talk to him. Wow.

[Hmmm, open skating at the ice rink already. Well, I guess it is November but still... I may have to go. But first I have to get my skates sharpened. Sun Prarie here I come!]

I am going to buy a bass and get lessons. This was decided a long time ago, now why haven't I done it? Cause I'm lazy. And shy. And know nothing about it. So I need to talk to Pizza guy and see if he'll help me out.

Quote for the day -

That depends on what your definition of 'is' is.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Maybe it's because I'm still young (18) but I just don't see love coming up and hitting you over the head. It's more like something that has to grow between to people. I believe that the feeling that hits you is infatuation. A chemical reaction. People call it love right at first because it's such a strong feeling. It either dies and you call it a crush and wonder what you were thinking. Or can grow to love which is an even greater feeling. But I don't believe in love at first sight. Is that cynical?

I wish I was in outerspace.
You know this whole season is getting me down. Everything is dieing and now I actually have to spend money and BUY flowers. I can no longer run outside and cut some out of the flower-beds, I have to frickin' buy them. Store bought are never as good as homemade. Brown and death depress me.
---train derailment---please stand by for farther info---

Googlism for: kelly (edited)

kelly is sexy
kelly is mastermind behind unh
kelly is sheltering
kelly is taken to the ground
kelly is hugged by shane
kelly is queen
kelly is editor for km/strategy cop
kelly is my girl
kelly is our principal consultant and interim manager
kelly is good
kelly is my friend
kelly is main attraction
kelly is the new 'candies' spokesperson
kelly is
kelly is waiting patiently for you to enter her
kelly is so cool
kelly is a divine goddess
kelly is my favorite
kelly is famous
kelly is on extended vacation
kelly is '94 pathfinder
kelly is traded to m's for cash
kelly is wanted for going to see the harlem globetrotters
kelly is unlikely leader at two
kelly is too cognitive???
kelly is pretty nasty and naughty
kelly is a go
kelly is now third in the money list
kelly is publisher & editor of business ethics
kelly is the next big thing in ashwaubenon?s run he joins jaguars? rushing elite
kelly is sexy
kelly is indignant about something or another this very minute
kelly is part of culture that sells kids on sex
kelly is just a human like all of us
kelly is a demon
kelly is back
kelly is editor of the atlantic
kelly is a master of amusing contemporary romance
kelly is installed
kelly is no angel
kelly is a cute black
kelly is writing a book
kelly is stunning
kelly is my friend previous
kelly is my friend bill
kelly is among the top 3 realtors in bridgeton
kelly is irish and has a love of all things celtic
kelly is engadged
kelly is so cute by tidoublegrr
kelly is just too cute
kelly is your web connection
kelly is let out
kelly is currently serving as the chief of the building environment division
kelly is a black lab who likes to play
kelly is really blowing up
kelly is dezelfde persoon als ferry van der veer
kelly is the proverbial popular girl
kelly is too cognitive???
kelly is a sick mutha****an its quite possible dat hes messed in da
kelly is connected
kelly is dead

Googlism for: cody

cody is a great entertainer?
cody is just tooooo precious
cody is the new "token short one"
cody is a 15 3/4" sable & white dog
cody is a major big bass hunter as well as a fisher of many other species
cody is what america was
cody is approximately 7
cody is a deaf role model
cody is also bi
cody is currently purchasing compact discs
cody is a first class rabbit hunting hound that is gun hunted heavily each winter
cody is an amazing person and very very strong
cody is home to the world
cody is in need of a loving home in illinois
cody is a twelve
cody is the eastern gateway community to yellowstone national park
cody is helped by a slippery elm concoction
cody is gripping the orbitor real tight
cody is also a nice place to live
cody is an extraordinary dog
cody is not having the emesis problem and we are working on eating by mouth
cody is a sire that stamps every baby with good looks and cow sense regardless of how the mare is
cody is much more than a pit
cody is a deep thinker and strives to do what is right
cody is absolutely the most friendly
cody is cody
cody is a 6
cody is arrested for murder
cody is right
cody is very special
cody is house trained but does not get along with cats
cody is recovering very well and doesn't mind the arm restraints at all

I saw a fox this morning! It was the coolest thing I've seen on a morning since the foggy soccer fields. I get to the campus every morning around 6:50. Now that daylight savings is over it's still pretty dark and the sky no longer blushes when I drive by those foggy soccer fields (that makes me sad). But with the darkness the animals that romp around campus when no one's around don't see me right away, so I've spied a lot of critters lately. Rabbits will sit on the side walk munching their morning salads, and I can watch them for a moment before they even notice I'm there. Nearly every morning there's a crow perched on the roof of the first building I pass. He sits there all proud and king-of-the-world-like and caws at me like I'm invading his space by walking below him.
But this morning was extra special. I took a right after passing the King Crows building and dashing by not more than 20 feet in front of me is a fox. Sleek body and bushy tail just sail over the sidewalk. I couldn't believe it. I'd never seen a fox that close up before. Gorgeous animals they are. He made his way behind a building, so I picked up my pace in hopes that I'd spy him again. As I get closer I can hear what sounds like barking. I figure it's from the houses nearby, but as I make it to the clearing the fox is trotting across the hill yapping his little heart out. It was so cool. And me with out my camera! DRAT!

Well why the hell aren't you getting promoted Miss Dedication?

I don't know how many times I'm going to have to type this today, but I'm pretty fuckin pissed.
Why? you ask.
Because I just spent $40 on a pair of jeans I got to wear 3 times. And now they are no more.
How? you ask.
Well, my father decided that he would leave a pen in his pocket and ruin everyone's fun.
What an ass! you say.
And I agree.

I have an odd situation at work. Last night I punched in and my boss intorduces me to this 50-something woman and tells me I'll be training her! I don't mind training people, but I've never trained someone older than me. It was so awkward! And then I find out one of my co-workers in getting promoted. She's just shy of 18 and she's going to be my boss! I never thought I'd have a boss younger than me already. I'm only 18 for Pete's sake!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

So IQ...how does that work? I can't remember what the high and low scores are for it...damn. Is 127 normal? I remember from Forrest Gump that 70 is low. So I'm not retarded! Party at my house!

Why can things look so good on the computer but print out like crap? And why can't I get this to look like I want it to. I mean...it's supposed to look yummy and like you want to go to all these shops and eat all the candy there but instead...I looks silly. And cheap. Not to mention I can only do stuff for two outta the four places cause I have no info at all on the other two, minus the addresses I looked up in the phone book! Yawn, I'm starting to bore me.

Gee all you guys complaining about school - shut up! I'd so much rather be in school than work right now. The only good thing about it is getting paid...and benefits...and my own office...but other than that, it sucks!

By the way C - I still have your Hoobastank cd and am enjoying it quite a bit! Ya know, they toured with Incubus...

I hold it true, whate'er befall
I feel it when I sorrow most,
Tis better to have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all.
--Alfred Lord Tennison

Hey, all, I don't have class today so basically I'm being a lazy one. I started my third hat today, its so exciting that I actually have the patients to finish them. The bummer part is the paper I have to write today and my laundry. I HATE laundry. And it costs so much. Maybe I'll stop wearing clothes. Well, anyway, ya'll have a good day, I'm outta things to say. lol.

I AM SUCH A FRICKIN' MORON! I was supose to take a test yesterday and I totally spaced the f*ckin' thing!! F*CK-BEANS!
Anyhoo, how's the rest of the world? How's that whole society thing coming along? UH! I would love to ask our SO (sell-out) that question. I never thought about it before but conformaty can make people complete @$$holes. In Hayward, K and I saw one of our old "a-quates" and he had totally changed. He's still interesting to listen to (when he's not being a dick and proving your stupidity to make himself feel better), but he cut off his dreds, traded in the comfortable clothes for name brand threads, and suddenly he's insecure and prone to pissing people off. How the F*CK did that happen?! It cheesed me BAD!

---later that day---
I would have been just as well off had I not even taken the test. I had to skip a whole shit load of it! Oh crap! And you know the best part? I had to skip my English class just to finish the damned thing. Someone out there hates me!

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

That's me!

YAWN! Why does 8 have to be so early in the morning? Why couldn't I do what I wanted to last night and go to sleep at 10? Why am I asking questions that no one knows that answer to? Or maybe they do andjust aren't sharing...selfish bastards.

So yeah. I didn't do anything last night. Watched Snatch. That was interesting. Different and kinda strange. J loves that movie and I'm gonna have to ask him why. Went to visit C at work and bought Rubber cement, Lucky Charms, bagels and frosting. Then went to Walmart and almost died of the need to go home and sleep. Finally I get home and I still have to shower. So then I'm a little hungry so I eat a bagel and cream cheese. And I can't just sit there and eat, so I pick up my book and start reading. So then I'm reading until 10:45. I put the book down and turn off the light and am just about to fall asleep when I remember I was supposed to call J back. The phone rang a long time and I thought I was going to be able to get away with leaving a message on the machine, but then he answers. We talked for a bit, but a Super Nintendo Ninja Turtles game was distracting him and I was half asleep so we hung up. I fell asleep immediately. Only to be woken up at sometime in the night by my cell phone ringing. I didn't get to it in time and so I had to listen to my voice mail. "my pants" called and told me I needed to be at Kitchen. Too bad. You weren't there when you were supposed to and I'm not there now.

Ok, I have to go and do actual work now. A candy page. Not something I want to be staring at when I'm this hungry. Life's not fair.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I feel soooo special!

C, I have to say, is such a great person! She's funny as hell and we have such good time (interstate tag!) We can talk and understand each other, or try to understand each other (and sometimes just giving up cause the other one is crazy) but mostly we understand each other. It's so great that we can explain things to each other and just talk about anything or nothing. People watching with her cause she can always make something up. Even sitting and reading together is comfortable. Plus with our creative genius combined we've created a bunch of things together: THE NOTEBOOK, tapes, some videos...soon THE PORTFOLIO. But I think the greatest thing we've created together was our friendship.

1-2-3 Awwwwww!

I suprise myself so much. I can chat with total stangers and not getting all embarrassed and shy like I used to. That makes me happy. Could I be growing up? Nah! I think I've finally found out how cool it is to hang around new people. I love hanging around my usual friends. They're the best people I know! But new people - oh! - they can be lots of funn too.
I feel like being sappy. . . may I? Here goes -
I love my friends sooooooo DAMN much! I don't know what I'd do with out them:

K - We have kick-@$$ inside jokes! There isn't a day that goes by that we're together and we don't bust out laughing. I love getting into giggle fits with her! We have our tape recorders and THE NOTEBOOK and we've know eachother so long that we've become predictable. Not predictable to the point where we can't suprise each other (cause we do that a lot), but predictable to where we can tell when something's wrong and what to say and when to say it. It's refreshing to be on that kind of level with someone. And I loooooove our road trips! Plus she's a good listener, and I need that once in a while.

P - I haven't known her for even a year yet, but she and I have funn anyway. We can share inside jokes with K and she's real good at giggle fits too. I love going to bad movies with her! She's got so much energy and, like me, she talks to the characters too. I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one! And she's not afraid to say what she wants. Her and I shared a long talk on the way to Kitchen once and she doesn't hold back when she's explaining something, even when it embarrasses the person she's explaining to (um. . . yah. . . that'd be me).

OH - He's also a pretty new friend of mine. He lives far away, but when I visit him it's like I never left. We catch up right where we left off. He enjoys good jokes and loves to laugh, but he's one of those "quite ones". He's always scheming while I'm sitting there oblivious (like a frog). He can liven up any situation. If I could have a big brother I would want him to be just like OH. He'll joke with you, but he won't go too far with it. He'll hit you with pillows and steal your hats and bandanas, but he'll always let his guard down so you can get him back.

J - Even tho he's K's boy-toy I still consider him my friend. He treats her well and I respect him for that. Besides I have yet to find a good reason to hate him. He's got a good sense of humor, he doesn't dwell on drama, and best of all he doesn't hog my friend (sometimes I think I'm hogging her). One of my favorite things about him is also one of my favorite things about K, he includes everyone. When they're together yah they'll act like any other boyfriend and girlfriend, but they won't shut out the world. They're the only couple I know that doesn't pay attention to their friends ONLY when their other half is gone.

No shit landing on C! I've got bruises!! But that's ok, I like my camping ROUGH!

It's really strange how a little thing can really change a super good almost giddy mood into a self-doubting depression. Not very much fun if you ask me. All over a stupid address label that got lost in the mail for three weeks before the postal service decided to return it to me. Not very cool.

Ok so...last night was kinda boring for me. After walking into J & M's and getting tackled by J (and accidently landing on C) we watched my movie! Horray! And everyone loved it! Horray! Ok, enough already.

But at Kitchen, JQ and J were talking about Magic at first so C and I were making stuff up (I love that!) and then F-meow stole her away. And all the sudden JQ went to talk to some other people so J and I got a bit of "quality" time. Right...mostly just talking about our weekend and week coming up. After a half hour or so, JQ came back over and we all sat talking. Underneath the table JQ and I were "leg cuddling". We have this things where we flirt and I guess I tease a little, but it's all in the name of jest right? Well, as I was leaving I gave him a hug good bye and he gets all close next to my ear and whispers "If you ever end up single, I want you." Trying to be all seductive-like. I started laughing and he asked me "why are you laughing, I'm so very serious." But that was the funny part! He's married, has two kids and is trying to be all sexy and seduce me! I know when I was a kid, I never imagined that to happen. And that's pretty much what happened lasterday. Oh "my pants" never showed up...what's up with that? I even called again before I left to see what was going on, but to no avail.

Good-f*ckin' good time in Town A last night. Went over to M & J's house and watched Empire Records (it was my first time-sounds kinky doesn't it?). I'm in love with that movie and Lucas! Oh, GOD! AAAAAWWWW AAAAAAAAAAAAWWW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW (such a bad liar!). Anyway, I really like that movie. So we're halfway through it and the phone rings. It's for K, so she yaks and then there's a blip on call-waiting and it's for M. A girl named Steph (I think, but don't quote me, I could be wrong) is on the other end. M invites her over and when he hangs up he tells us that A is coming over too. I look over at K and J and they're waiting patiently for my reaction. I make a sour face and whine (it's what I do best), and M tells me that no one would be offended if I left. I told them I didn't want to leave and J says I can hide under his bed. They're such cool guys, always lookin' out for me (cheesey-smile)!
A and S arrive and it's cool at first. I'm sittin' on the couch and A is staying wAAAAAAy over on his side . . . for a while. The movie progresses and I start talking to it (that's right I said I talked to the movie) and A starts talking to me. That sort of behavior is not allowed! I don't like to be distracted when I'm talking to a movie. It's very rude!
Soon the movie ends and A tries to move closer to my side of the couch. Lucky for me K mentions that she has to meet "her pants" at Kitchen, so I take my "Q", stand up, and offer to go with her RIGHT NOW! I grab my shoes and my coat and stand by the door waiting for K and J to catch up. A is obviously cheesed-bad about us leaving-HA! too bad!
K,J, and I hop into my car and I've got all this energy! They both know I can be an insane driver, so just for funn I drive insane- like (not that it's all that hard for me to do when I'm hyper), but the radio isn't on. I ask K to pop in a CD for me and what does she pick? STEPA!!! That gets me wired and I'm cruisin' down this windy HWY screamin' with the songs. K screams with me, but I think it was out of fear. (I'm not wearing my seat-belt! We're gonna DIE!!)
We make it to Kitchen safe and sound. We didn't even get pulled over, and that surprised the HELL out o' me. Anyhoo, we waltz into Kitchen and the only (and I mean ONLY) person there is JQ. He's sittin' all alone in the corner booth lookin' all pitiful at his Magic cards. So we join him and have a grand old time. Not long after we get there F-meow walks in. K gives me kind of a concerned look, but I tell her it's cool (no worries dare boss). F-meow tells us he's got lines from Van Wilder recorded on his mini-disc, so we all have to listen (take it to the car wash/wanna air-dry that shit). I'm the last one to get dibs so I sit with F-meow and we start talkin'.
We must have talked for an hour/hour and a half about. . . well all sorts of shit. I love laughing and we laughed a LOT! Oh man! We talked about movies, our weekends, music, all sorts of stuff. It was a good time. He loves jarrin' me about A, so as soon as he learned I had escaped from the clutches of that horny-toad he had a field day. But F-meow, when he's jarrin' you, won't make you feel bad. If you're not laughing with him he'll quit. After a while he and I got into some personal stuff. It wasn't quite drama, but it's personal enough for me not to share. SORRY!
Well the morning began and at 12:30 K and I headed home screaming to System of a Down.
Pull the tapeworm out of your @$$-HEY!
Pull the tapeworm out of your @$$-HEY!
Pull the tapeworm out of your @$$-HEY!

Monday, November 11, 2002

I'm here! I'm here! I'm alive! Just cause you aren't getting my emails...

Good times in town C! OH provided much fun and liquor. Drank too much and almost make an ass out of myself. Luckily, I passed out before I could do too much damage. But had good times with new friends...sad friends, but funny none the less. Strange how that works.

I saw a guy that I had a little thing with this summer. We had met twice before and enjoyed conversing with each other. So one night...I was under the influence once again and he was interesting and he listened, not to mention smart as hell. Also an attractive hippie. I wanted to go to sleep and he offered to drive me to my hotel, seeing as he was the only sober one he drove me. He wanted to hang out in the hot tub so I stayed awake for him to do so, he kept trying to get me to join him, but I was coming down and really tired so I just warmed my feet. So he got out, we watched tv and talked a bit. Everyone once in awhile he would tickle me and eventually it led to kissing. I had a lot of fun with him but didn't sleep with him. We talked about visiting each other for a min or two before he left and then never heard anything from each other. Which wasn't a big deal, as I wasn't super attracted to him (a little crush) but it would have been cool to hang out with him sometime just talking...or so I thought.

I saw him again this weekend and he was an ass. He had cut his hair and got nice clothes so did not appear hippie-like at all (but even cuter than before!). He never shut up. Plus, he was kinda rude. I don't remember exactly what happened but no one there let me talk and when I did talk, he interupted me. Not kind at all. So now he thinks I'm a bitch and I think he's an ass. Both are wondering what we were thinking.

When analyzing his character on the long drive home, I realized that he might be insecure and is trying to impress people. Or at least that's the feeling I get from it. I might (and prolly am) be wrong but that's what I was thinkin...oh well. I don't know if I'll see him again. But it's not likely. It just makes me sad that someone thinks I'm a bitch when I'm really not. And I think he's changed from what he was and he might not have.

-Isn't it weird how words can really work with you sometimes, but when trying to convey certain thoughts or feelings, it come out a totally unintended way? See I can't even get this across to you in the way I want it to.

K! Did you die?

Friday, November 08, 2002

If I had more work to do, I'd love my job a lot more...but since I don't things are kinda hard. It gets really boring and they're are only so many times you can check your mail or look to see if your favorite blogs have new posts. But that's not the worst of it, I could always find something to keep me occupid. I get a feeling of resentment from some of my coworkers because I'm not always running around trying to get work done. So if I sit and talk to my boss and we listen to music or something, I hear people talking about me. I dunno, but I always take these things to heart. It bothers me a lot if people think I'm lazy. And now...how can I prove to them otherwise?

I'm happy to be getting out of this town...if only for the weekend.

Hmm, feeling particularly uncreative today. Nothing spectacular going on, nothing new really happening. I did get a new hat tho! Hats make me so happy. This one is white and really soft and slightly fuzzy. I love hats. So much that I asked my parents to make me a really cool hat rack for X-mas. That'd be fun! They did buy me dishes for when I move out, tho it won't be for a while. Oh well, prepared.

Tood. Too good. Too good to be true. Tood.

I'm goin' to town C! I'm goin' to town C! HURRAY!!!! This makes me giddy-happy! I can't wait to see what OH looks like with short hair! I hope it's not going to scare me. Cause it might! I don't handle drastic changes very well unless they're MY drastic changes.
I love road tripping with K! (You can't walk when you're trippin') We have so much funn! We always stop at the same gas station to stretch our legs and get some air. And we talk like mad! We have so much energy when we leave town B! And a good half hour before we get to town C we aren't so energetic anymore. But give us an hour and we'll be bouncin' off the walls again. Good times in town C. Good-good times :-)

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Life is a sexually transmitted disease, and it's 100% fatal.

I don't know how I can explain how much I love Incubus. Let me just say tho, that I love them a lot. Just when I think I'm about to get sick of listening to them, I fall in love with the music all over again. The only reason I was spacing myself from them for a bit after the concert (and it was silly) was because they didn't really interact with the crowd at all. They barely talked, just went out and played. And it's silly I know, but they didn't even say hi, good evening, good to see you. But I still love them as much as I ever did, maybe even more. Prolly more, cause now I know how great they are live. Oh, I hope the come back soon. Oh well, I guess the only thing I can do is become super famous and earn their respect so we become friends and hang out every day. If that's what I have to do... Or I can just become SD's (super dude!) groupie and tag along with him. SD is the best guitar player and singer I've ever heard. I can't even compare him to anyone. Plus, he's funny as hell and I can't ever picture him mad at anyone. I love him...the first night I met him I told everyone I was going to marry him. Of course I was under the influence, but I still think I need to marry him. Seriously, he's a great guy and when he's famous I get to tell everyone that I knew him when...I get to see him this weekend...he lives in town C which is where we are going this weekend! Hopefully I'll get to see him. Hold on, phone call...

I don't get it. Why is my "older brother" ignoring me? He's really only a guy that was my best friend for awhile who thinks he's older and wiser than me. So why is he not talking to me anymore? He and OH (original homie) used to be best friends. Seriously, they were "brothers" and I was the little sis. But I would tell OB everything. But he has problems with depression and totally withdrew from all his friends minus me and SD. He and OH had a major issue and now aren't talking at all. All the sudden tho, he didn't talk to me either. He doesn't answer his phone or return my calls when I leave messages on his voice mail. I don't know what's up with this. It really hurts my feelings tho.

Oh I love Incubus.

So yeah...hmm. J and I met my sister (F) and her boyfriend (W) for dinner last night. Well, dinner for them. Denny's at 10:30 at night...yeah. It didn't seem promising at first, as J was late and W was only speaking to the waitress and just looking around the rest of the time. When J showed up, he finally started to respond. We talked mostly about drinking, smoking and sex. F shared some childhood stories and I laughed really hard upon recollection. [I really hate laughing hard, cause I try to do it quiet and it just comes out sounding like an ugly donkey.] But anyway. That's about it. W and J made plans to go out drinking and F and I are going to hang out alone (!). I haven't seen my sister alone in forever. I miss her. But anyway, we said our good-byes and they left. Justin and I sat in my car for a min before we found out how far my seats recline. No, nothing too serious happened in Denny's parking lot, but I have to say it was a lot of fun. So if anyone owns a 2002 Kia Rio, you know what I'm talking about (I'm gonna use my O! face, O! O!)

We now inturrpt this story to bring you an important news update:
Jonk is moving! He's been out of the office for two weeks and he came in a gave me a hug. We talked for a bit about what he's been up to, what's going on this weekend and how he's going to Florida for our boss. Then he told me he might be moving down there in a couple of weeks to work at the company our boss owns there. I was all sad and upset and he said it was a pitty. What? I asked. He said we never even got to hook up, but there is a week-window still. Which makes me happy and still sad. I mean, I've had a crush on this guys since I started here and he didn't tell me there was a chance until after J. So nothing has ever happened. And now he's leaving and it's really sad. AAAHHHHHHH. I've missed him the last two weeks and now I'll never see him. He is one of the only people in the office I could honestly see myself being friends with outside of work. Sorry...I guess I could shut up now but still...this sucks. So the question is, what do I do? Nothing? Something? Anything? dreamcatcher_gurl@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Ow, I remember why I don't like one of my co-workers. She just fuckin called me a dog. My boss and I joke around a lot and are friends. He knows I like dots so he'll throw a box down the hall so it lands in front of my door. Well, he does this almost every day. The co-worker saw it today and said I was like a puppy begging for treats! That bitch! If I knew she was joking it would be one thing, but we don't even talk. She shouldn't be saying shit like that. Had I not been at work and not worried about work-relationships I would have said something, a lot of somethings. What a fucking bitch! I can't get over how rude people are here. I've had my shoes insulted, my taste in music insulted and now this? Plus they all gossip so I have no idea what is being said behind my back. Ahh, fuck 'em. I have no problems with confrontations. If you have something to say, fucking say it to my face. I hate gossip and refuse to be a part of it. That's the fucking wuss' way out of it. And my boss wonders what the problem is here, we even had a shrink in here to try and figure it out. I know tho, it's the old baggy ladies who hate everyone who is the slightest bit different. There's just bad karma in the air and it's not a healthy enviroment.


Ok, I feel a little better now and I actually have no idea what the problem in this building is...but those women can't be making it any better. That really was rude though. And I was in such a good mood.

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

I love Ethan Embry. A lot. And I love Empire Records. Sure, it's a silly little drama, but it's so entertaining. I love it, a lot. About as much as I love Ethan Embry...and Rory [insert last name here]. Mark and Lucas. Yummy

What's Your Sexual MO? Find out @ She's Crafty

I want to blog. I want to blog very badly, but my fingers are stumbling over the keys and I'm not feeling very inspired.
I really want to bust out laughin' right now too, but I don't feel like embarrassing myself just yet. I don't know these people well enough!
Have you ever tried typing something and you type it wrong and when you go back and read it it makes you want to laugh like. . . a big. . . dumb. . . laugher, but you can't because there are strangers around that don't understand that you like to laugh at dumb things, so you hold it in and wait for the right time to let it out, but once that time comes around the pressure of a giggle has built up into a loud donkey sounding noise and once you open you mouth there's no turning back so you hold it in again, and now it festers and there's nothing you can do to keep it from escaping so when someone says or does something that really isn't funny you spaz out, and there's no other way to stop it other than laughing until you pass out. That my friends is the curse of the giggle fit.

Hmm, true dat Kasey and Welcome! Don't worry about not being very good at blogging...I'm not either. And I don't think anyone really comes here to read this anyway. So no worries.

I tried to be antisocial yesterday and it didn't work. Well, it would have if my parents had played along but...they didn't. I didn't turn my cell phone on at all until 7:30 to check messages and then turned it off again. And I told my parents to tell everyone I wasn't home and that I would call whoever back if I wanted to talk to them. They didn't seem to understand that tho, cause they would ask who it was and then ask me if I wanted to talk to them. It would be kinda obvious if I said no, so I ended up talking to everyone! It's not fair. I just wanted to have a night to hang out with my parents without being interupted. Is that so much to ask? Sorry, I guess I'm being a whiny bitch again. Kick me.

Keep in mind, I love you Levi.

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was this girl named Kelly. And a boy, let's call him Rob, had a crush on Kelly. They worked together at a local fast food restaurant and hung out together once in a while. He even asked her to a dance, which she accepted thinking it was a friendship date. However, because she was scared to go to this dance with just Rob, a bunch of her friends were going to go with. Then somehow someone decided that dances weren't fun at all and they should all go to the lake and climb rocks. So all of Kelly's and Kelly's friends gathered at her house and got all dressed up anyway. Then since they were dressed up they just decided to go to the dance anyway, forgetting to tell Rob who was waiting at his house for a ride to the lake. At the dance, a boy Kelly sorta had a small crush on asked her out, to which she replied yes. The next day, when telling her sister about it, her sister exclaimed "Oh no". Wondering what the problem was, Kelly asked her sister to explain. "Well, ya know how Rob and I share a class? Well, we were talking and he was going to ask you out last night." Shocked and slightly embarrassed, Kelly still never doubted her decision. She felt she had to applogize to Rob so when she saw him at work, she did so. He was rather melancholy, yet accepted her applogy. Happy again, with only the ting of guily, she moved on. Weeks passed and she grew to regret her decision. Her new boyfriend wasn't all that great. He didn't call very often, skipped school (one of the only places she saw him) and disapeared for days or weeks before showing up again. Finally when she hadn't heard from him in a month she decided to send word thru friends that she was breaking up with him. Appparently he got the news and his heart was slightly broken, but not too bad as he had found a boyfriend to replace her. More time passed and Kelly began to regret not going to the lake with Rob. She realized what a great and funny guy he was and developed a bit of a crush on him. However, since he shared a class with her sister, he realized that he was in love with her sister. Her sister tho, was involved with other men and didn't return the feelings. So while Kelly liked Rob, Rob liked the sister and the sister liked other guys. Hearts ached and time passed. Until finally, Kelly got a new boyfriend. The next-door neighbor who was 4 years older. After a month, she knew he was not for her but lacked the courage to say so. So she went to Rob and told him her situation (minus her still having a crush on him) and he helped her. Courage was built up, so she let the new boyfriend down as gently as possible (I want to break up, sorry). A week later, Rob asked her out. Not knowing what to say, it took her a week to exclaim yes! The relationship was not to last tho. Pressures from outside the relationship and also inside forced them apart after 5 months. But it was to be so anyway, as Kelly was not mature enough to handle such a serious relationship. She moved on and stayed single for two years, dating different kinds of guys before she found the type she liked. Which is the cute, slightly dorky, funny, sweet guy. She hopes to live happily ever after...the end.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

One of my life's mantras . . . .

"The wild desire to do something with my life is the only thing keeping me alive."

Hola from Colorado. Not much happening here despite being in the center of this great big city. Just making sure I've finally got this right . . . so I'll be back sometime later when my life is all that much more interesting. Adios.

Quote for the day -

Goats don't need a vacuum.

This sucks. This sucks and it's not fair. After spending almost all of my life trying to find "quality" friends. They go and leave me. True, P is coming back in Feb. and we're going to live together. And true, C hasn't even left yet (and won't for another year or two) but still. P is gone and C will be. And then it will be me, the cheese stands alone.

Oh there's a dog in here. A cute dog but what is it doing in the office? De ja vu wow.

I feel like writing a letter. I could write to P but I don't know where to send it to yet. I suppose I could keep the letter until I know but then it won't be relevant. Besides what to say? She's only been gone a couple of days. I talked to KJ yesterday and he sounded soooo sad. The poor boy. I had a dream that he broke up with her right before she left for basic...it was weird.

AAAHHHHH!! Real Monsters was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. Krumb, Ickus, Oblina...or something like that. I only remembered them because C and I watched Good Burger and they showed some Nicktoons before the show. Rugrats, Hey Arnold, AHHHH Real Monsters and some other one....Rocko's Modern Life. I loved them all. Now the new episodes of Rugrats and Hey Arnold annoy me. I miss the old school episodes. How sad.

Not a whole lot going on now. Sittin here at work, la ti da ti da, and trying to motivate myself to do work. It's not working tho. Oh well, it doesn't have to be done until 3:30 this afternoon and it's only stuffing about a hundred or two envelops. Yucky. So anyway...yeah, this is pretty boring.

It's snowing. SOOOOOO Let's build a snowman, we can make him our best friend. We name him Bob or we could name him Benewolf, we could make him tall or we could make him not so tall...Snowman. He'll have a happy face, a happy smile, a happy point of view. If you make me a snowman, then I'll build one for you. SSSSOOOOOOO Let's build a snowman.

Watched the Princess Bride last night. Well, most of it. I took a shower right in the middle and J and Cody fell asleep. But we all got to watch the end. Exciting.

Get to go far outta town B this weekend. Woo hoo. Well, I get to see OH (original homie). Been friends with him for a couple of years. Always been slightly attracted. Well, more like really attracted but too scared of known rejection. But now...it's possible, minus my newly acquired boytoy. And the major distance. I dunno tho. If anything happened and J and I were no more, then I might consider OH for something more than friendship. Hmmm.

Ok, I'm gonna work. Well, I'm going to fold papers and call it work. So yeah...

Monday, November 04, 2002

See Cody, I have the same problem, but I never have trouble ending your stories for you. You just don't like what I have to say. I still think we could work together and sell millions. It would be great, then we would have money for "the house" and not have to depend on all the people who are going to "live" there. Hehehe.

The list got longer today...much much longer.

So I hear something about Levi. Something like he's going to be near here in a little bit. Being a week or two. Hmmm, I wonder if it's true. If you're reading this Levi give me a call, I work til 5, but you know the number. After that, I'll prolly be at home watching movies with Cody.

I feel like being mysterious today.

Damn, I have to work over lunch. I'm so disapointed.

Mid-term grades come out this week! OhGodOhGodOhGod! I'm nervous as all hell and I don't think I wanna get the mail all week. I never cared about my grades in high school cause they were all the same and the teacher always told us ahead of time what to expect, but this is college! I care lots more NOW! (right meow?)-sorry. I really am trying to be serious. . . starting right meow! NOW! Starting right NOW! I really don't like being serious for a long or for that matter a short period of time. It's much too dificult!

I've been depriving myself of System of a Down. So I popped in the CD this morning and I just jammed. I turned up the volume as loud as I could and gave myself whiplash. Then all of a sudden there's a tap on the widow. I jump and it's my mom. I turned down the volume and roll down the widow. She's smiling her teeth out at me (I can feel my face getting warm and red) and she tells me to have a good day at school.

Not a true story, but I thought it was cute and if someone got a laugh out of it the lie and the time it took to write it was worth it. I've just had terrible urges to write. I'm kinda bored with the poetry I've done so I just want to write short stories and long stories (although I've never finished a long story). I just have trouble with endings. Good ideas are easy to come buy but trying to end them is another task entirely!

Friday, November 01, 2002

I am so good. I catch the littlest things at work that no one else notices. ie the wrong year on a letter sent out all over the state to people telling them to advertise with us. I know it sucks for my coworker who might have already sent some out, but I'm kinda proud I keep catching things like this. And this is one of the only coworkers I enjoy working with. Sad, but true. One is kinda bitchy (but can be funny as hell), one whines and doesn't listen (entertaining at times) and one get so flustered if she has to think about more than one thing at a time (but really sweet). And everyone here gossips. I hate gossip. I am a firm believer of telling people to their faces. However, I rarely have issues with people cause I like to focus on the good qualities. And I hate saying that cause it makes me sound bubble gum sweet. Bleck, can it at least be speriment gum? Good, many thanks.

"I'm not weird; I'm outgoing." -notebook quote of the day brought to you by ME

New words for today: Goona and Frim

Detention is a revolving door!

I have issues with...

Word association tests are funn!

take free enneagram test

Halloween...good times. Well, actually, going to State Street wasn't worth it. It might have been if I was 21 and didn't have to work at 8 this morning but...I'm not and I did. But really, last night kinda sucked.

I got home at the usual time and tried to rest at first, but alas, I had candy duty. So I got online and chatted with some buddies I haven't chatted with in a long time between wishing little kids Happy Halloween while throwing candy in their faces. [Just outta curiosity, why were all the little boys Spiderman? I mean I know it just came out and all, but honestly] P calls to tell me that her and KJ are at his place and he needs to shower and then they'll be over. So I'm just sitting at home, listening to music (WJJO!), and chatting until 6:30...pretty boring (except Levi, he was fun(n) to chat with). Then they come over and KJ starts putting on his make-up and it looks horrible in a good way. Like, he was trying to look dead and bloody and it worked. And as far as make-up goes he looked great and the overall effect was what he was going for. P got all of her hippie stuff on and looked authentic. Really. She even borrowed my mother's leather jacket from when she was a kid. I drew a peace sign on one cheek with all sorts of colors and it looked super (I surprised myself) and a not-there-in-the-light-but-glow-in-the-dark pot leaf on the other cheek. So they are all dressed up and looking good (and it took them forever!) and I just paint my nails and go change into my clothes and I was pretty much done. I didn't put any face paint on, just more make-up than usual. And I think I looked pretty good. At least I did then, when it was warm and safe in my house.

KJ's friends that we were going with called and he went to meet them at Wal-mart while me and P went to Pierce's to see C. She looked really cool, green, but cool. We talked for a bit then went to Taco Bell. Went back home and hung out wondering why KJ wasn't there yet. La ti da ti da. Then we finally left. I drove because J was going to get a ride from a friend and then ride back with me. So P and KJ went with me in my car and his friends followed us. Halfway down while driving on the interstate going south, I noticed they were getting pretty far back there and pulling over. P and KJ didn't believe me at first, but then they called and said there was a problem with their car. So I got off the the next exit, went back on going north, got off at the closest exit and got back on going south. Pulled up behind them and followed them, going 30 mph on the interstate. Twice, not once but twice I almost got hit by semi's going too fast and waiting until the last min to change lanes. It was scary. KJ and P tell me that I was looking in the mirror saying "Big truck, big scary truck, big, big truck". When they were saying it later I didn't understand why and then they made fun of me some more. So going 30 we got off on the next exit, got back on going north and got off again at the closest exit. They knew how to get home from there, so they did. And we were off on our merry little way.

So finally in Madison, finally near State st. Well, I don't know how to get around State. I get lost every time!! Every fuckin time. I decided to park where I knew I could get out. Just because it happened to be a couple of blocks away...so be it. Manohman tho. It was fuckin cold! I was wearing a thin little tshirt and a sweater duster. Not enough. So we walk up and down State trying to find Subway which is where J told us to meet him. Finally, after asking 3 groups of cops (they don't travel alone) and various other people we find it and he's not there. But I got a call and it was a confusing mess where I couldn't hear anything but I got it across to him that we were at Subway and he got there a few mins later. By now we're all freezing and unhappy cause there aren't any coffeehouses open. So we give up and go hang out in Big Mike's Super Subs for a half hour. Everyone else gets soda and I just sat there and enjoyed the warmth.

After that we left. It wasn't that exciting of a time. Sure there were some great costumes and all, but I would have had soo much more fun if it was warmer. Damn Wisconsin. There were people wearing less than me tho. There was a cupid wearing only wings and underwear. Adam and Eve wearing leaves. Someone dressed up as a big penis with only a beige sheet. Plenty of other costumes that were really original but I can't remember right now cause I'm pretty fuckin tired. I think we should have went to the Amazon. I was too tired to dance but at least it would have been warm. Seriously, after we walked back to my car I had to massage my feet to get feeling back in them. Granted I wore sandals but still.

MMmmmmm coffee

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