Wednesday, December 25, 2002

I have been deprived of my blogging for a week and it's driving me nuts. I feel like I've missed so much, but then I read everything that's been posted since I left and now I don't feel empty anymore. Now I'm all warm and fuzzy. Actually it's kinda cold down here (I'm in my grandparents den stealing their internet). Relax they gave me permission and everyone else has already left. That's right I did the whole visiting-family-for-the-holidays thing. It was ok. My cousins from Illinois didn't show up so I'm kinda bummed about that. Can you blame me? They are the only people I can converse with that don't insist on talking about the latest news in the farming industry. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I have a hard time connecting with them sometimes. Plus my Illinois cousins are much closer to my age and we're at about the same level of ping-pong excellence so we have something to do after dinner. They are a lot of fun and I wish they lived closer.
Now that school's out I'm back to that woderful work thing. Gotta be there by 6 in the AM tomorrow. WWWHHYYYYYYYYYY! The things I do for such a little wage. BLECH! I can't wait to go to Kitchen on Friday. I HAVE to get out of the house again for something besides work.
Now that Christmas is over, as far as presents, I don't think I'll have to go clothes shopping for a year! Clothes. Clothes! CLOTHES! Every other box CLOTHES! I'm cool with getting clothes, but WOW! I think I need another closet just for the stuff I got from my families.

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