Saturday, December 21, 2002

Sometimes, I swear. I have absolutely no willpower. What happened when all the sudden people are asking me where to get stuff? And I actually know someone? What is going on? I could basically go thru my people to get anything. Scary. So I've done nothing today but hook someone up and eat munchies and sleep because of it.

P is back! P is back! I was expecting her call all day yesterday and she didn't call. So C and I watched a movie. Went to Walmart. Oh wait, we stopped at a friend from high schools shop. He opened his own business and I wanted to say hi. Special thanks to C for making me go in. We talked for a bit with them and then went and watched another movie. Got to Kitchen at about 11:15 or something. C and I kicked hack for a couple of mins before we froze. Fun fun. Went inside and saw P. Had a joyful reunion. Then C and I talked. P came over for a bit. We talked about things she had missed. But she had to go sit by her boytoy so he wasn't lonely. JQ came and talked to us and then TALL B came over too. So the four of us talked and laughed. When it was getting quiet, in walks the high school friend and some of his buddies which are my buddies too. So I was talkin to a bunch of people. It was a good time.

C and I were supposed to go watch the Two Towers today, but she didn't call. And when I called her, her bro said she wasn't there. Oh where is C?

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