Thursday, January 09, 2003

Hmmm, work. Pssshhhh. Who needs it? Not I, I am busy like a beaver. Are beavers really that busy? Ok, busy like a bee. They sure look busy a lot of the time. But then again I've heard of lazy bumble bees. So bees are busy, but bumble bees are lazy. Bumblebees are giving the bees a bad name. I'm allergic to bumblebees. Luckily I've only been stung once. Way back in third grade. Outta nowhere, really I was just standing there, I felt something, look down and there is this huge bug on my leg. I hate them now. Can ya blame me? Didn't think so. In Colorado we had these HUGE black wasps. Seriously, this one had a tail that was a foot long. They were so scary. I remember they would land on our fence and stay there for a long time and I was too scared to try and open the gate. We also had scorpions. I was at a friends once when I went back to visit and he saved me from one crawling around behind me. Scary stuff. That just made me think of one of my friends and our adventures (she had a scorpion in her bathtub once). We would ride her horses around her yard and once a horse took off running and the girl riding her fell off. She was a foot away from landing in the catcus. Not fun. My friend and I had some good times tho. We would jump on her trampoline all day and when we got off we had a hard time walking. Then in the summer we swam in her pool made outta a horse trough. All sorts of crazy stuff. Funn stuff. Dyeing our hair (although I did it more than she did), hanging out on the strip, being some of the only freshmen to hang out with the juniors. We had such fun, but she wasn't a great friend. The two of us always managed to find a third and that third would come between us. You know middle school friendship. Visicious. And I'll admit I was a little snot. As I think of it, she was usually the one to introduce the third friend. I wonder why. Maybe she was jealous of one of my other friends. This other friend and I would bike ride all over and read. That's what we did was read. Watch tv. Play on the computer. She wrote songs and poetry and I would just be in awe. I can't write now and I couldn't write back then. But I still appreciated it. She also was in choir and was the first to tell me if I sung off key. These two people tho. My two best friends from 5th grade until 9th grade.

Wow, it's kinda strange what comes outta my mind when I stop trying to think and just wonder.

I got Toast's address, but I don't know if I'll write him. What am I supposed to say? Sorry you're in jail, I don't hang out with that crowd anymore, see ya when you get out? I think not. I don't know how I can tell him as a friend that I'm here for him without sounding sappy. I hate sounding sappy. And bossy, I hate that too. Ugh. Anyway...I supposed a postcard or something would be nice. That's me, the nice girl.

Last night someone said I looked like a slut. Granted, she was a bit bias due to the fact that it was E's ex girl, but still. I was just talking about how I always hear about how innocent I look. I swear, after she left, I had frost bite. She did not like me. And because I knew that, I couldn't think of anything I wanted to say to her to change her mind. Honestly, I don't care if she doesn't like me. As long as E doesn't make me be around her any more than possible. He can go see/hang out with her, I don't care. But I don't want to deal with it. She seems to think that the only appeal I hold for E, is that I'm "skinnier and better looking" than her. She won't talk to me to see my personality at all. I do feel really sorry for her and wish I could do something to make her more happy. But the only thing I could do is vanish off the face of the earth and I'm kinda fond of this place. The strange thing is, under different circumstances, I think we could be friends.

I was afraid I was going to get kicked out of my house last night. Usually my parents don't care how long I'm out. I am an adult...or at least I'm 18. So I can make my own decisions. But my dad called my phone last night around 1:30 and threatened me with death telling me to get home. I don't understand. I think it's cause I was with E. My father isn't too keen on us hanging out. He thinks he's a dirty old man. Some people...

Hmmm, I'm thinking I'm going to play X-box long and hard tonight. Wait, I might have been supposed to go to a Wrestling Meet with C. If she calls. I call all the time, I'm sick of it, someone call me. And my sister and I were going to go out for dinner or something. I don't know yet. If she calls. If no one calls, I'm going to be bitterly disapointed and bury myself in games...they'll understand!

Two o'clock and I'm still awake. What an accomplishment. I completely forgot I was going to sleep over lunch. I got all absorbed in Harry Potter. Now how the hell did that happen? Sure I've seen the movies, but I didn't like them enough to want to read the books.

It all started when...
It was a chilly January day in the year of 2003. I had just finished the Godfather and was reflecting on modern society. Then it happened. My mother asked, "What are you reading next?" just as simple as possible. Startled out of thought, I asked "What? I don't know, what will I do? I know, I'll have to go to Book World." "No, no" she said, "Read this, I just finished and it's quite delightful." I took the book from her outstreched hand and turned it over, examining. "Harry Potter?" I questioned. "Yes," she replied "a lovely read." Really? I would have to find out for myself. So then I made my move. I opened the book to page one. From then on, I've been reading.

I finished the first one and am now over half way thru the second. I'm kinda annoyed cause I really hate waiting for books in a series to come out. (Even tho, I am still waiting for Stephan King to finish the flippin Gunslinger Series)

I swear, I can quit anytime.

Holy jeans this is a long post. I never meant it to be. My bad. Unless it was interesting. And then I don't feel sorry at all. But if it did suck, my appologies.

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