Friday, January 03, 2003

I am so bored! I have nothing to do! It's insanely boring. Lunch is in a couple of mins. The receptionist and I are going to a bar downtown. Grilled chicken for me. I'm kinda getting sick of it, but at the same time I'd rather eat that than fried burger. Yuck. I've been having serious issues eating red meat lately. Well, meat in general. If it doesn't look like the animal it came from I think I'm ok. But I can't eat a chicken leg or anything terribly bloody. Ewwww, just thinking about it is making my stomach turn over.

E called me already. He called at like 9:15. I was super happy. We talked a bit. He kept telling me about this really hot girl named Kelly. He thinks we would be great friends. I get to see him tonight. Super! I was so giddy after I got off the phone with him. It's so silly! Maybe it's cynical, but I'm just kinda waiting for the happiness to go away. Then maybe we could both proceed as adults. But the nervous kid stuff is half the fun. I just don't know sometimes.

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