Friday, January 03, 2003

I am so .... I dunno. I'm really sick of complaining that I'm tired, but manohman am I tired. Last night...C and I watched the Ninja Turtles Episode 1. It ended way too soon and now I want the second and possibly third one. I'll have to go back and look. After the cartoon, we hung out for a bit. Played with my video camera which I haven't seen in ages. Then we talked a bit and put in a movie my supervisor let me borrow. Sunset Blvd. Good movie. I could laugh and feel really bad at the same time. The Narrator is so sarcastic and funny.

I've noticed that recently while watching movies, I am so much more emotional than I ever used to be. I can cry for a character just by thinking about the situation he/she is in. Like Vanilla Sky. It's not really a crying movie, but I was sad for quite a while after watching that. Cause he was so confused and had no idea what was going on (not that anyone else did either). And last night in Sunset Blvd, Norma couldn't handle not being famous. I felt really bad for her. I'm just getting into the movies a bit more, but not all the movie. Just the emotion part of it. Ya know? Cause I don't.

So after C left, L called and was trying to get me to meet him somewhere. Don't really know where, but I know it was outta town. So I declined. I was going to go, but then I got lazy. I got online and chatted a bit with a friend I don't really hang out with*. Which is kinda sad. But the phone rang at 10:30 or so. I was confused. I was thinkin it was my parents cause they weren't home yet, but no. It was E. Horray! We talked. He said he missed me and wanted to see me. We talked about seeing each other tomorrow (today), but we don't know cause he has to buy a car. So I think he's going to call me today sometime.

* I went to school with this guy. We kinda liked each other at first. Nothing happened with it tho. So then he didn't like me and I liked him and when he finally did like me, I didn't like him. Very confusing to explain, but simple really. Anyway, I sorta hooked him up with P for a day or two (ulterior motive, P had to realize that she liked KJ...and it worked). Now everyone is happy except for this guy.*

I got my pics from New Year's back. There are a lot of really close up shots. And a lot of pics of me. I dunno why. You would think that, it being my camera, there wouldn't be a lot of pics of me. But there was. I was confused. I remember getting my pic taken a lot, but not that much, about half the film is me. But I got pics of everyone else too, so I don't care that much.

Memory trip. wow. I never want to drink that much again. And I'm not talking about New Year's. I just thinking about pics of me in my photo album. Scary.

Ok, it's cold. I'm really starting to dislike winter. Starting? No, just continuing. Winter sucks. I haven't even gone snowboarding in a long, long time. I need to call someone about a snowboard too. I just hope it's long enough, cause I'm frickin tall.

Since it seems like I'm thinking more than I'm typing, I think I'll stop this here post. I'm sure something exciting will come up sooner or later. Or not. Ya know, whatever!

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