Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I am such a girly girl sometimes it sickens me. I want to learn how to build stuff in the shop, but I'm afraid of the sharp stuff. I've seen too many people get hurt by them. Even when I was in shop in seventh grade, I had another girl cut my car shape for me. Oh well tho. I will overcome.

Hmmm, boring times... I don't even know if I want to go into it. Last night I went home...did nothing really. Talked a bit with my parents, watched XxX, talked on the phone with C and S at the same time on two different phones. That was interesting. I told C to call me back if she wanted to, but she didn't... :( Anyway, S was trying to get to me to go to a dance club in Madison and I turned her down. I really wanted to go but I worked this morning. She kept asking about E, so I asked if she liked him and she said a little.** We talked a bit more and then hung up. She called again later and asked if I wanted to hang out in town. I asked if she would call me when she got into town and then went to sleep. She never called. Meanie.

**He already told me he thought she did...that was kinda interesting. I didn't tell her that we sorta have a thing. I don't know what we have. A friendship for sure, but we kiss too. Hmmm, no official title. And that's all cool with me. I just don't want to be the person to tell everyone cause there are a lot of people who are gonna be a little upset. Already I have his mom, his ex, her best friend and C-more's girlfriend not happy. Whoops. I almost care. But there are a lot of girls that like him and a few guys that are interested in me so there is going to be some drama.

E called me again this morning. We talked a bit. I have such an easier time waking up if someone talks to me. It's just too bad I mumble and can't think normally. He told me about trying to set his ex up with F-meow. F-meow wasn't havin it. He said that she's a bitch. Not very kind. But understandable.

Anyway...yeah. I got to work this morning! Something different right? More of the same stuff I was doing, so I finished right away but still. An hour or so of work. Nice.

I am so bored. Really, I can't even explain it. I want to scream and shout and.....yuck. I hate the smell of air fresheners.

We got some pics from the X-mas party back. That was interesting to look at. I'm just waiting for the rest of them to get developed. I look pretty good in some pics, and pretty darn bad in some others. But I don't care. There is this cool pic of C and P-boss. They faced each other, leaned over and touched heads, looked down and took a pic. Kinda hard to explain, but it looks neato. There is also this really bad pic of me holding a matchbox and grinning like a madwoman and it's going in the company newsletter. I look not so good. Blah. Oh well. So now...I'm bored again.

There is this woman here who doesn't seem to like me. Well, another woman. There are two I know that don't like me and she's one of them. There is a pic of another coworker and her boyfriend who also works her and they look all happy and cute. Then a couple of pics later, they're glaring at each other. I laughed cause they do that sort of thing all the time and called it a before and after. The woman asked "So does that mean the party pissed everyone off?" all rude-like and it doesn't even make sense really. Either she was just being really stupid or being really mean. I can't tell which with her...maybe a little of both.

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