Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I had such a great dream! I was in a room. Like a hotel room type thing. I think there was a rocking chair and a bed. I was sitting with a group of people and we were all talking and such. I think they were mostly guys except P. I remember F-meow and I were dancing in the middle of the group, grinding. We all fell. F-meow thanked me for dancing and gave me a little kiss. I went and sat next to this really hot guy and somehow he got me to sit on his lap. He was hot! Dark hair and beautiful eyes. We were talking and he gave me a big kiss on the mouth. P made some remark about how I am a natural flirt, but she had no room to talk cause she was on some guy's lap too (maybe KJ). Then in walked my supervisor from the waterpark I used to work at. He's very good looking as well. He gave me a big hug and we got knock over and he fell on me, but he kept hugging me. We got up and I went to talk to him in the office. But the office was like the office at Hardee's. He changed his shirt and I noticed his hair was different so I asked him about it. It was short with dark and light mini-dreads. I remarked that it kinda looked like Anthony Kiedis' (which it didn't at all) and before my eyes it grew all long the way Anthony's hair used to be. It was really cool. So I went back out and talked to the group again. I think that's where I woke up. Not certain, but it was a nice dream. Surrounded by lovely, funny men...sigh...it sucks waking up.

Nothing interesting again. Stopped off at a book store before I went home and picked up a new book. Dur, what else would I get at a book store? (Well beanie babie, cigars, lighters, magazines...) It's called Speak and was in the classics section but I don't think it belonged there. It's told from a 9th graders perspective and she's really depressed. It's neato so far.

It's cold. Cold like freezing. I dislike winter.

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