Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I hardly work while I'm at work, yet what do I do? Work while I'm at home! [you kwazy too!] My boss had me burn a cd for him and he was going to pay me for it. I dunno if he still is, but now I'm at work doing the covers for it and getting paid by the company. If he pays me extra, that's money honey.

I want to leave! I want to go on a trip. I love driving. Well, I love navigating. I like traveling. I like being places I've never been. I'm starting to learn my way around town C. I can't wait to go and test that knowledge. Plus the trip there is always great. (interstate tag, special gas stations we always stop at, the best coffee set up C has ever seen...) Unless I get pulled over and have to pay an expensive ticket. That always sucks. Stupid female cop, if it was a guy, I might have had a chance, but nooooo. I had to get the only female cop in whatever county I was in. Anyway, in conclusion, I want to go on a road trip.

And I want people to stop giving me crap because I don't have a very good memory. It's not my fault. I just can't remember stuff. My mom is the same way and she got it from her dad. So it runs in the family mo-fo. Just cause I helped out a bit and made it worse...I just get tired of people telling me I'm weak and cave when under peer pressure. It's not peer pressure. It's my fuckin decision. And it's not to excape. It's to increase the level of enjoyment. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. I'm a bad person. But I'm a bad person trying to change. I did stop drinking. At least for the moment. So fuck off. One step at a time damn it!

*deep breath.... ok

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