Thursday, January 16, 2003

If I could be any more bored...I think I'd die. I don't want to die. Someone think of something to entertain me. I just don't understand. There has got to be a way to look and feel busy when you really aren't. What a waste of time! I feel like it's a waste of my life, but there isn't anyway I could quit. I feel like I would end up on the street and just drifting. Think about the stories you hear of people who just walk away and live their life however it comes to them. It doesn't seem like a bad idea now. What would it be like if I just walked away...hitchhiked south where it's warmer and bummed around. I'm sure it would be terrible bad...sure I might go hungry a bit and I would have no where to sleep but the street...but I could see things that I want to see. I could take the time to appreciate a beautiful day instead of spending it locked up in an office with a window to the hall.

One of the most beautiful things is in my mind now....laying in a field on a warm summer day, gentle breexe with the smell of grass and flowers. No bugs, no people, no roads...just me and a field of grass.

Back to work now.

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