Monday, January 27, 2003

I'm sorry my little blog baby. I've been avoiding you. Why? Well, there are things that have happened and I just can't explain it all. I don't know what has happened and what my reaction is or why. Let's see.

Thursday - Kenny Chesney. Yummy. But no cowboy butt. I don't understand. My sister and I had a grand ol' time.

Friday - I stayed home from work and woke up at 10:30 to go to Madison shopping instead. Got a new hat (I LOVE HATS), two new shirts and a cell phone cover. Oh yeah, I also got the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack and the movie Good Burger. I know, I'm strange. I went to Kitchen with my mother and we got hot coca and talked a bit. She was telling me about financial problems her and my dad are having and I just want to help. But they don't like that at all. So that made me a little sad. Then C-more walked in and sat with us for a bit. My mother left. C-more proceeds to tell me all sorts of things about E. She's very upset with him because he owes her girlfriend $300 for a hotel room they all got on New Year's Eve. So she decided that I needed to know some of these things. Like, the house he has is in H's name, he doesn't really have a car parked in his town and, oh yeah, he's been sleeping with H. His ex-girl now "just friends". Uh huh. So I had a pretty bad night. Luckily I had friends by me and they were great at cheering me up without knowing exactly what was wrong. He called tho and asked if I was going to meet him that night and I said prolly not. He immediately picked up that something wasn't right. I couldn't talk about it right then tho so he just said he would let me call him. C-more, S, JQ and I all went to JQ's house for hot chocolate. E called again and asked what was wrong cause it was driving him crazy not knowing. So I asked if he had ever lied to me. He said no so I asked if he had been sleeping with H and he asked since when? So it's true. But he doesn't see exactly what he did wrong. Since I didn't verbalize our relationship he figures that it shouldn't affect me at all. But dur, it does. He admits it wasn't a good idea for H's sake which it seriously isn't cause she has enough issues already. We talked for an hour or so and both of us were crying when we hung up. My friends cuddled with me and tried to make me feel better.

S and I decided to go on a road trip to Town C. Just to get outta here. So at 7:30 in the morning after not sleeping at all, we went home and got ready. We both had to do a bit of laundry so we said 9:30 call. E called at a quarter to nine and said meet me at Kitchen in town and we'll talk. So we did. Some things got talked about...not everything. But we have this thing where we fight and then talk and then fight again. H came in and sat with us for a bit. Then S showed up. We left town at 2. Got there alive at 6:15 or so. Called people. Hung out. Not terrible much drama. I didn't get to talk with people like I was hoping, but we did get to see each other. So that was cool. On the drive home I got pulled over and got a $163 ticket and 4 points off my license for going 80 on the interstate. woo hoo. FUCK! Just what I need after only sleeping 4 hours in three days. Fun fun.

So we make it home alive (truly an accomplishment) and E somehow knows and calls me. We talk for awhile. Fighting and talking, then fighting and talking. We make plans to meet and talk. We fight and talk more. C shows up and plays referee for a bit (sorry). We all talk and have fun. At least I think so. Then E and I go on a drive and listen to music. Go back to the hotel he's staying at. Hang out for 10 mins and then H gets there. I wasn't feeling very welcome so I said I had to go. E asked for a ride to Kitchen. They were still closed so I took him back to the hotel. We sat in the parking lot and talked until 12. I went home and went to sleep. He called this morning to wake me up cause he knows that I would have slept in. That jerk. So I was awake on time today.

It's really fuckin cold out. How cold you ask? Cold enough to make me say the ph word. That's pretty cold. Damn Wisconsin Weather.

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