Wednesday, January 08, 2003

My computer doesn't seem to be functioning unless I move the mouse. Does that make any sense? Didn't think so.

I finished the Godfather. Great book. I can't believe it was so interesting and exciting. I really need to see the movies now. Someday. One at a time cause otherwise, I'll die. Maybe not.

Hello everyone! Maybe I'm strange for being so, but I'm in a good mood. Dunno why. It just seems like a pleasant day, no? Last night I called SM while driving home (I know, such a bad habit) and she told me that she had to tell me something. Sounds a little redundant doesn't it? Anyway, I guess what happened (she lost my pipe) and tell her not to worry about it too much. I tell her to meet my at my house, read Harry Potter Numero Uno, leave when she gets there. It's been kind of our tradition to go eat at Culver's either before or after a movie, so we went there. I ate food, she ate custard. Went across the street to the theatre and saw Catch Me If You Can. It's pretty good I guess. Really long and slow in spots. How exciting can bank fraud be? E called during the movie, but I couldn't answer it. After that, she dropped me off, I burned a cd, took a shower and went to bed. Wait, I talked to my parents and out of the blue, my dad asked who E was. I said a friend. So my dad comes back with "A friend who is asking permission to go on a date with you." What!? I laughed. It just seems so old fashioned.

So I'm gettting a little lonely on this page. No C to back me up on these things. Here let me do a C entry:
"Hi everyone, I'm C. I'm slacking at the moment, on break from the local college where I'm studing to be a person in modern society. Last night I went to a High School wrestling match cause I love wrestling. Watching it, taking pics, talking about it. I wanted to manage last year, but I promised my brother that I wouldn't if he joined the team. Wrestling...man is it cool. In other news, I went to a Rodeo on Saturday. It was really awesome. I got to see so many cute guys and even sit next to a few. Besides that, I've been working almost every morning and doing stuff in the night. Good times, good times."
Ok I really suck at this, I don't know what C would write.

Anyway, back to what's really important here...me. hehe, that is the most self-centered thing I have ever said. Just please know that I don't mean it. I'm hungry. And in want and need of food. Yeah baby. This day is taking forever. It's only 9:15. I wish I could just leave and not come back until Monday. Wouldn't that be great? I think so.

I'm starting to make things run together. I guess that's cause I'm not saying a whole lot of stuff. I guess that could be a hint that I should stop blabbering on about nothing. Well, I suppose so.

Whoa...talk about forgetting. I just finished a Candy Co-op project while this was sitting on the task bar...good thing no one walked in. I always do that when the receptionist asks if I can answer the phone for her while she goes out and smokes. Silly habbit. And annoying as all hell when you're bothered four times a day to do someone else's job so they can go stand around. Good times. Really.

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