Monday, January 13, 2003

My life has disapeared.....Again.

I used to go out every night and day. Have friends calling me and wanting to hang out with me all the time. It got so I had to turn people down cause I was busy. Now no one is calling. Well, that's a lie. Just not as many people are calling. So it seems like it is time, once again, to call people up and make sure the bridges are not burnt. This seems to happen every now and again. So I have to run in and fix it all up.

Friday - Hmmm, C came over. We watched Big Trouble and the game show network. She left at 1 and I read until 2, then went to sleep.

Saturday - Slept in until 2. Called SM and asked why she didn't call and wake me up at 8:30 like she was supposed to cause we were gonna go to Madison. She said they decided not to. So I went out on the couch and read until 4. E called and asked if I would meet him at Damon's at 6, in town A. Took a shower. Mom and I went to Damon's at 5:45 and got drinks. Watched football and waited until I received a call at 7. E saying he was going to be a half hour or so. I called SM to see if she wanted to join us, but she was in Madison (!?). Watched more football, checked out the dj guy and waited. At 8, I wanted to leave. SM called and appologized and asked if I wanted to go to a dance thingy. 8:30 we managed to get ahold of the waitress and got everything all taken care of by 8:50. E called from town B while I was sitting out in the parking lot talking with my mom. I followed her back and picked E up, just a little pissed off. But because of circumstances out of his control...I couldn't totally blame him. However, saying he was going to be a half hour late instead of saying lets meet some other time...that was just stupid. Oh well. We went to Kitchen in town B. Talked a bit. His exgirl/just friend (H) showed up and we all sat and talked a bit. I kept seeing people I knew, but couldn't remember where I knew them from. Luckily, they remembered me. And talked about me too I guess. Oh well. E and H had to go to Walmart to talk to someone there about a dog. I didn't feel like going, so I went over to my sisters'. Darn people tempt and I have no willpower. So when E called me and told me they were back in Kitchen, I was ok with everything. I went back and listened to people. The two guys I saw and remembered talked to me. Apparently I knew them both thru Toast, so that would be why I don't remember them that well. Anyway, that's how most of the night went. I listened and made a few comments and everyone else talked. JQ came in and there were people there who weren't happy with him, so he was quiet and read. I didn't get over to talk to him, cause I was not with it. E was being all flirty and I just wasn't feelin' it. I left around 4:45 and went to sleep right away.

Sunday - woke up at 2...again. Went out on the couch and read...again. At 6 I took a bubble bath and read. Got out, ate dinner and read. Then my dad made me play X-box. Time Splinter 2 or something. The story line is so cheesy, but it's a decent game. Hard. I was starting to feel a little strained from reading so much and then kinda sick from the game graphics, so after completing the 4th level, I quit. Read until 11, E called and said good night and then went to sleep.

Exciting times. No not really. This was one of the most unexciting weekends I've had in a really long time. Not saying that's bad or anything...but still. I miss my friends. All my friends. Even the ones I see. But I still just want to disapear for a little while. I wonder if I could. Prolly. Should I? Prolly. Will I? Prolly not...but I will think about it, does that count?

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