Monday, January 13, 2003

My office and how I decorate it...

It seems to have decent decor to the untrained eye. Delve deeper and you will see how truly boring it is. It is grey. They entire room gives off a murky, mental institution vibe. White walls, grey carpet, grey desk top, grey cabinets and drawers and even grey-blue curtains that cover a window looking out into the hallway and the office across it. The only things not grey that came with the office is my trash can (pink) and my name plate (brown with white lettering that spells my name out in plain text). There is a "clutter-bare" look; things are swept together in the corner to leave empty work space.

There are only three things of worth noting on my desk: my candles, my magic 8-ball and kleenx box. I am known around the office as "the one that makes it smell good". Some day we'll have a ceremony and my boss will bless me with a proper name. My magic 8-ball is here cause I was bored and thought it might make me look interesting. Like some unsuspecting gorgeous looking man will walk by and say "hey, this [picks up my brown and white name plate] Kelly Lastname looks interesting, she has a magic 8-ball." My kleenx box has got to be one of my strangest posessions. Just a kleenx box with a 60's psychodelic pattern on it involving daisys. Not a big deal...only it's empty. And has been empty since I used the last kleenx to wipe my nose around Halloween. Just there so I always have flowers.

On the grey cabinets and drawers I have black and white comics pasted on highlighter-colored "frames". They have been here since the first month I was here. I like to pretend the comics say something of my sense of humor and their frames tell about my creativity. But they're starting to curl and just look old.

Hanging on the window curtain is a paper chain with a huge peace sign drawn on yellow paper. A "bling-bling" gift from my boss when he heard I listened to rap music occasionally.

Behind deskspace across from the window is a corkboard covered in light and dark grey patterned material. On it I have a brochure I am in charge of pinned up, covered in orange stickers telling me the status of each add. Next to that are a few more comics, these in color and a lot more funny. Under those is the main show, pics of P, C and me looking happy despite being surrounded by such gloom.

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