Tuesday, January 28, 2003

My poor, poooooor middle fingers. This is the freakiest thing to ever happen to them! I'm at work today stocking candy and I cut my left middle finger right under the cutical. I grab a band-aid and go back to the candy thing. Not even 5 min. later my right middle finger gets cut in the same freakin' place. Apply band-aid. Continue working. But DUDE! Could this be some sign? Could I be at the beginning of some spectacular profecy? Maybe not, but it's still weird. So here I am typing around with both of my middle fingers band-aided. It's so STRANGE!
By the by, don't hate me because I can't spell. The word program I use to check my blogs has decided to take a little vacation form my computer. If you have seen this program please tell it to get it's sorry ass back here so I can continue my quest of fooling all my beloved fans into thinking I am an intelligent person. Unfortunately those that have read this will know the truth. YOU! You that has just read my rantings, hold your tongue. . . and say I was born on a pirate ship.
You were? EEEEWW!
They always told me to act my age. I may be 18, but MY age is right around 7. I'm a seven year old trapped in an 18 year old's body! When's recess? I could SO go for a juice box right now!
Is it wrong and conceded to enjoy people looking at you?
OK! So they have me change computers, right? I move up a row and log on to one of the reformatted ones. Now I'm assuming that sense they look all fancy now that they'll be better, faster, smarter. . . I was SO wrong! The icons got better but that's the only good thing I have to say about it. Thank you and good night!

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