Monday, January 20, 2003

Weekend, weekend, weekend...oh how I adore weekends.

Friday - (Man, do I have a poor memory) Let's see. I met a friend at KFC at 5:20 to eat. Then we met C at the high school at 6:15. Watched wrestling. A first for me. That was fun-ish. Went home, hung out. Met my sister at Culver's at 10:30 or so. Another of my friends were meeting us there to give her something. My sis, W and I talked for a bit, I got invited over Monday (today). Then I went and met C at Kitchen. It wasn't that great. I didn't want to talk to anyone really, I just wanted to listen. But everyone was complaining and being really annoying so I was a little bitchy. JQ came in and I was already ticked and he just made it worse. He can be such an ass. E came in and said he was going to Denny's. I said I'd be there in a bit. JQ snorted. So finally I got pissed off enough and just said fuck it and left. When we did, JQ announced that we were going to Denny's to everyone. I told him to fuck off and walked out. C and I went on a drive to bitch and complain to each other. We went to Denny's in a much better mood. E wasn't there so C and I had french fries (with mustard and ketchup for me, mayo and mustard for her), hot chocolate and water. We talked...no drunk guys this time. C-more showed up looking for E so she sat and talked with us a bit. While threatening me so I would go to Kitchen more, she accidently broke the chain on my locket. C left and C-more tried to fix it. I was ready to leave, so we went out into the parking lot and right before I drove away, she knocked on my window and said that E had just arrived. So we ran into talk. H (his ex who wants him back) didn't look happy about seeing us, or at least me, but oh well. I told E that I was leaving and just came in to say hi, sorry you're so late. He walked me out and we made plans for the next night (Saturday). I went home and slept.

Saturday - S called at 3:30 in the morning, I talked to her a bit. I felt like I was wide awake at the time, but I didn't remember that she had called until she reminded me when I saw her. E called at 8:30 and at 10 or so, trying to get me to go see him. My oldest sister showed up at 10:15. We all talked and ate breakfast. I called C and S, told them to get to my house at 11:15. My sis asked if I might want to go see Kenny Chesney on Thursday and I would love her to death if I get to go. She said maybe and would let me know. C and S got to my house, we drove to Sun Prairie and had a blast playing interstate tag and waving at random people. That was nice. We went to the mall in Madison and shopped a bit...ate...shopped some more. C and I got really tired and was ready to sleep, so we left. I took a shower and hung out. C picked me up at 7 or so and we went to her place of work's X-mas party. That was a lot of fun. It was boring at first, but then the DJ started playing music and we danced. It was a pretty big dance floor and not a lot of people were dancing, so I felt a little dumb. Really tho, it was a ton of fun once I stopped caring. I sorta got invited to a couple of school dances. That was cool. All because I can dance. We left around 11:15 or so. C's brother won a 19" tv/dvd/vcr thing and had to put it in the trunk. While he was doing that, he found a bottle that we (mostly I) had left there a couple of months ago. C acted super shocked (an excellent actress) and blamed it on friends from out of town. I felt really bad. The bro agreed not to tell the mom. She dropped me off and I went to the motel that E was staying at. H answered the door and E was sleeping. He woke up and we all talked and watched tv. I got a headache (early hangover from a Coke and Malibu) so while E went to Kitchen to bum smokes I stayed in the room and half watched tv/half slept. Taildaters is an interesting show on mtv. E came back and we snuggled a bit. S called and said she would be at Kitchen in a bit so we should meet her there. An hour later we finally walked over. Hung out. JQ was there too. His wife left him Saturday morning, so he was in a super bad mood. The tension at the table sometimes... I wasn't so happy anymore. But it got better. E flirted like no one would believe with S and this other guy, B gave me a back/neck/hand massage. Eventually we left. I don't know what time. It had no meaning by that point. B got my phone number (as friends). E and I walked back to the motel. He was going to take a shower and I was going to go to bed, but we ended up kissing instead. I don't know if I've ever had so much fun just kissing before. Finally after an hour +, I said we should quit before things got too serious and since we're "just friends" we didn't need that. I was so tired! But I couldn't quiet sleep. I curled up and drifted.

Sunday - I woke up at 10 or so. Tried to look decent at 10:30 and didn't leave until 11. Went home...hung out...took a bath...slept until 4 when E called. Got ready, called a friend I was meeting at 5:30 and made sure. Drove to the waterpark we were meeting at. I look hot in my swimsuit, let me tell you. Or at least I thought so. We swam, checked out lifeguards and did whatever. I could swear I saw someone I knew, but didn't get a chance to find out until an hour or so later. I was right and he remembered me! So I said wassup and whatnot. I went home super tired. Ate a half a bowl of soup, took a shower, ate another half a bowl. I debated on going to try and find E. I really wanted to see him, but I was sore, tired and cold so my bed just sucked me in. At 9:30. Wow. I woke up once during the night...dunno why. Went back to sleep. Woke up this morning. It is now 9:21 and I'm bored.

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