Tuesday, January 21, 2003

WHY? Why why why why why? Why when I finally have the opportunity to be happy, people don't like it? Everyone has something to say about the situation. And almost all of it is bad. People telling me not to trust other people, and those people telling me not to listen to them. Who am I supposed to believe? Can I honestly trust my feelings or are they lying too? Am I letting myself be used and no seeing it or is it real? I have no idea what is going on and it sucks. Why are people so upset about this? Why is there so much drama? It seems so simple, but people care like you wouldn't believe. It's none of their business. Really people...get a life. Stop trying to help me live mine.

*Deep breath...exhale*

Ok, I'm done. I'm just sick of people's opinions and manipulations. E's exgirl is beating herself up (literally) and doing anything to get him back. My parents aren't exactly happy and some of my friends tell me I'm insane--

I'm stopping. I don't want to hash this all to death and bore you in the process.

So anyway. Hmm. What is new? Oh, I got to see my very gay friend JR. I used to work with JR at Hardee's and we had a ton of fun. The stories he would tell...I've learned more about gay sex than I will ever wanted to know. I have a lot of fun with him cause I can talk so very dirty that I don't normally do. And I don't blush! It's great.

Ok, it's lunch. I'll post afterwards.

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