Thursday, January 02, 2003

Wow, how to explain the last couple of days. It's been great! I can say that.

Monday - P was waiting for me when I got home. We put in Lion King and KJ came over. OH called and I had to talk to him for the second half of the movie. After that was all done, my family all went over to my sister's house and ate food. I fell asleep and when I woke up I felt like crap. But moving around did me some good. We opened presents and I got some cool stuff. Super cool stuff. Oh well. My future bro-in-law and I went 4-wheeling in their jeep. It was fun. I left around 11 cause it was getting boring. Went to Kitchen. For most of the night I hung out with P and M. E kept saying he wanted to talk to me, but kept talking to other people. So I just kinda chilled. Finally E came and talked to us, but it was so early in the morning. I about died. P is not impressed by E. The age thing really weirds her out and I don't blame her. But she kinda makes me feel bad about it. So we left and fell asleep.

Tuesday - Slept from 7 or 8 or something until 3:30 or something. I don't really remember. We took forever getting up. KJ called and was going to be over at 6. So P and I were going to be all showered and ready to go. I finally got into the shower at 5:20. P took a bath after I was done and all we had to do by the time KJ got there was make up. And he was late. So it was all good. We went to Walmart, got some liquor, went to the liquor store and tried to get some more but...apparently cause KJ and I didn't have ID, P couldn't even purchase anything. So we went to a gas station and got some stuff. Went back to my house and ordered pizza. After we got that and ate, we drove over to my sister's. Hung out for a bit, watched the first part of the Carebears. We played Asshole for a bit, but P and I were getting sick. Don't drink two bottles of Mt. Dew Code red with Dr. Vanilla and then switch to JD's Lemonade. Nasty. We didn't realize it was midnight until it was five after. KJ, P and my future bro-in-law watched Super Troopers while my future bro-in-law, his friend and I went into the smoking room. I about died! I laughed soooo hard over nothing. Around 3:30 or so, KJ drove my car and we went back to my house. I went to sleep right away.

Wednesday - I woke up around 7 when C-more called. Her, her girlfriend and E all got a Suite at a hotel and she was trying to get me to go there. I wasn't moving so I told her to call back in a couple of hours. She did and I still wasn't moving. Finally I was up at 12:55. Before 1. That's exciting. I was kinda mean and woke KJ and P up. E called and wanted to go to breakfast. So I said I would meet him. He called right before I was going to leave and we ended up setting a different time and place. P had to leave, so I gave her a hug and promised to write. I waited a bit and then left. I was supposed to meet him at 3:30, but didn't get there until a quarter to. And then I couldn't find the room. So I had to get directions twice and then no one answered the door. I tried a house phone, but the line was busy. I went back to my car and made a ton of phone calls wishing everyone happy new year's and all. I saw C-more show up and so I followed her up and into the room. Got off the phone. Said hello to everyone. E and I went into the other room and talked. It was so nice. We just kinda snuggled and talked. He was kissing my forehead and cheeks and hair and it was nice. Finally we end up kissing. And that was nice. People kept calling me tho. I guess I could have ignored them, but I didn't. I think I pissed a friend off too. See, we haven't really talked in awhile and E was distracting me. So when I cut the conversation short, she was ticked. I tried to call her later in the night to explain but she wasn't home. I think she told me that. Anyway, E falls asleep. I watch tv. After an hour or so, his mom comes and wakes him up. She was going to drive him back to his town so he could fix everything that has been messed up since his accident. She leaves C-more's girlfriend in charge of getting him up in an hour and leaves. So C-more, her girlfriend and I are all trying to wake him up. Finally succeeding. But after talking a bit, he didn't remember that his mom was there or anything we all talked about for ten mins after. C-more and her girl left. E and I talked more. I was kinda in the middle of telling him about a previous relationship that sucked and his mom knocked. So I was formally introduced. She's a bitch. Really. But E and I said goodbye while she was in the bathroom. He gave me a little kiss and she might have walked out just in time to see, but I don't care. I left. Drove home floating. Got McDonald's, got online, chatted, took a shower, went to sleep. Woke up this morning on time, but then rolled over and went back to sleep. Whoops. But got to work almost on time anyway.

Am I being silly about this? The whole E thing. He is older, but big whoop. Granted it's 12 years. That's right 12 years. I don't know. People don't really understand it, but we connect. I hate sounding so stupid (at least that's what it feels like to me). I've been very careful about what I tell him, but what he tells me is what I notice. If that makes sense. If it doesn't...oh well, I know what I mean. So ... what? He told me it's all up to me about what happens.

So I found out some other interesting things this weekend. Not that I can say here, cause I need to tell some other people first. If they read about it...that would be bad. Oh well. I'm going to go work. Or at least pretend I am. Yeah. I'll prolly write P instead. Fun fun.

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