Monday, February 03, 2003

I want to sing. I want to sing and make everyone out there that's reading this hear it: all the glass shattering and the dogs howling . . . yeah . . . that's the stuff . . . hostess!
So about this whole . . . thing. Does anyone get it? I mean that guy . . . he's saying all this stuff and sure it makes some sense, but the dude doesn't seem to know English. No speaka de ingleesh, you know what I mean?
NO YOU DON'T! I made it all up.
OH! Class time! Be back in a jiffy peanut butter kinda of fast way.

Farther along the earth's orbital bath - BATH? I guess I CAN be dyslexic even when I'm typing.
Today is the day I begin to speak my own language. Some words people will know or might know later on if they sit down and think about it real hard. Other words or the reason regular words are used in the fashion that they are will remain unknown until I feel like taddling on myself. Taddling on myself? That sounds all dirty and wrong in a wirty and drong sort of way. BLECH!
Today is also the day I force myself to work out after my classes. I haven't been to the gym in over 5 months. I feel bad about it but before there was nothing I could do. It was either work, school, or friends and I hardly had time for me. Poor me. I'm sorry me. But all that will change. Today! Riiiiiiight-MEOW!
Well now right meow . . . I have to finish writing . . . OK I'm done.

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