Monday, February 03, 2003

I'm such a cheesy dork sometimes. From 10:30 on Saturday night until last night (Sunday) at 11:13, I was with E. I had so much fun! We watched Moulin Rouge (well, I did, he fell asleep). Took a nap from 3:30 in the morning until 5 in the morning or something.

I have Kenny Chesney in my head. People say they wouldn't change a thing...even if they could...Oh but I would How pretty.

So D and her little baby boy came over yesterday too. I cooked us all breakfast and then later lunch. It was a pretty good time. I kicked D's ass! She kept wanting to wrestle...so anytime she was brave enough to try and take me on without E's help, I whooped up on her...but if her and E worked together...they really suck cause I almost got hurt a couple of times.

D really tries to get everything she can get outta me. Like I already got her a $30 gift card to Maurices. Then I offered to take her out to dinner if she wasn't doing anything on her birthday. She said maybe. Then said no, but I could take her out tonight if I wanted. I didn't. So then she said I could get her a 56 oz bottle of Malibu instead. What? I just offered to take her out so she wouldn't be alone on her birthday. Not buy her a $20+ bottle of booze on top of already spending $30 on her. It's pretty typical of her tho. I took her out shopping instead of going to her baby shower and bought her $40+ of stuff for the kid. Then later she kept trying to get me to buy more stuff. I know this doesn't seem like a ton of money, but just to keep on doing that...It's not right. I help her out all the time. I used to give her gas money and still take her all around town. I would buy her and her kid food so he didn't starve (not that it's a bad thing).

I'm just having issues about being taken advantage of and I'm going to try to not let it happen anymore.

But I feel really guilty if I even think I might have taken advantage of a friend. I know I prolly have, but there is also an acceptable give and take. Like C and I will get chinese and sometimes I pay and sometimes she pays. I don't know who has paid more and it doesn't matter. Things like her being the perma-driver to town C now tho...I feel a little guilty of that. Even tho she said she likes driving and I pay for half the gas. I still feel bad cause I'm not ... pulling my fair share? I dunno.

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