Wednesday, February 26, 2003

My night with the boiz!
Oh GOD! I had so much FUN!!!! I'm still cheesin' about it!
K and I get to Levi' pad around 7. Derek and a bunch of people I don't know are there. Levi takes us upstairs and who should I see but JAKE!! He's going to the club with us! Oh happiness! So we're all running around having fun, listening to music, reading THE notebook, and getting ready (kinda). Levi takes FOREVER! Oh my god! I never thought a man could take so long just to take a shower and brush his teeth and hair. Wow!
Once everyone is ready to go Levi leads us to Clayton's house. Evidently Clayton was planning a pre and post club party. We got there just as everyone was getting ready to go to the club. Matt is there, and Sean is there and the rest of them I don't know. I don't think I'm going to see them much so I won't give them nick-names yet.
After a little visiting and fooling around Levi, Matt, Derek, Sean, K, Jake, and I are off to the club. It's kind of a long ride from Clayton's house (Clayton had to stay behind to wait for some friends) and with the wrong turn I took it took a little longer. Ooops!
When we get inside they take our IDs and glob some tar on our hands to show we paid.
I am very impressed at this point: black and white checked floor, black lights, laser lights, strobe, great sound system, fog machine, not many people but that changed quickly.
I'm usually hangin' with Levi and K. Sean and Derek join us every now and then. The music is good and the temp is rising. After an hour I'm sweating like a pig! The soda is flat but free (you can't go wrong with free); there's a pool table and some good games going on. I got to dance to Soccer Practice (if you haven't heard of it check it out!).
On the dance floor they have three big wood boxes bolted to the floor. People can get on them and dance (you know the drill). It's to get attention, and it works! Matt took one of the boxes for an hour. He's a good dancer and he's got a lot more confidence then I do. Kudos to Matt! Anyway, Levi and K get up on a box and when they spy me they hall me up there with them. After one song Levi is off to get a drink. K and I stay and keep dancing. After another song these two Mexican guys are by the box trying to get our attention. They want to dance with us. That's fine . . . HOLD IT! It's my obligation to tell you that I am a virgin and have never grinded with a guy. Proceed . . . we get off the box and DUDE it was fun. At the time I was a little creeped out, but once I got into the music and figured out the guy's steps all was well. He was tryin' REAL hard to keep his hands plastered to my ass, but I played it cool and moved his hands up and away from my butt like it was a dance move. After I was able to tear myself away (it wasn't difficult, I just had to come up with a good excuse) I wanted more. So I grinded with Levi. He's so fun to dance with. I would have danced with Sean too, but I didn't want to make him look bad. He is a GREAT dancer! I don't mind admitting that I'm jealous, cause I am.
I HAD SO MUCH FUN! And you know next Tuesday is Mardi Gras!!! I'm getting beads and heading back to Club 5 NEXT WEEK!!!
The night went so well! The only thing that got me was when we got lost. Yes. On our way home I took a wrong turn that set us back AN HOUR!! Can you believe that?! After last night I want one way streets to be illegal!
We made it home alive even though I was so sleepy. I got about 4 hours of sleep, but I'm still functioning, not very well, but I'm functioning.

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