Wednesday, February 05, 2003

So anyway . . . Did the sky look all pink and stuff to anyone else this morning? Boy was is pink in my town! Pink like a rubber ball. Pink like florescent Pepto Bismal. Pink like Aerosmith.
Enough pink! I like green best. Green like grass. Green like Green Eggs and Ham. Green like Fried Green Tomatoes. Yeah that green.
About this whole snow hiding the ice thing. It's a dirty trick and I want it to stop! Snow should be safe. I look at the side walk and I want to be able to think that if there's an inch or more of snow on the sidewalk I will be able to walk on it without fear of falling. Obviously I can't do that anymore. I think I really messed up my shoulder and forearm this time tho. I slipped on the ice Monday morning (Monday Monday dada-da-dada), and rather than falling I tried to catch myself. Oh did that smart in a painfully unsmart way! My shoulder got inflamed and I can't lift my arm past my shoulders without a ton load of pain. It's no fun. And best of all it's my right arm, so now my left has to do most of the work. Lemme tell ya, he ain't happy about that.

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