Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Wow...I no feel good. Tired as all hell. I was in bed and ready to sleep at 11 or so...but then Erick called. And we talked until 1. Or I should say he talked. Cause at the end there...I was falling asleep. As best as I could tho cause he was making me laugh. Silly E.

I went over to my sister's last night. We watched the Banger Sisters and ate food. That's right, food.

Now I'm tired. And I'd rather sleep than sit here and complain about it, but I'm at work...dur I'm babbling.

Manohman, I should have said I was snowbound. Sorry, can't come in. Maybe tomorrow. Doubt it. I'm a good person...and I need all my days off that I have. Cause I want to take Valentine's Day off so I can go to the club the night before. Then sleep in, hang out with E a bit and then go to town C. Horray! I don't know if things would ever go to plan like that.

Beppo called me last night. OH. Same person. Whatever, I don't care. Beppo called. We talked a bit. He's still not happy, but he can't really do anything about it cause he can't afford to move away. If I was unhappy as he says he is tho, I would take off anyway. Say fuck it, I'm moving to the south. Somewhere warmer than this stupid Wisconsin stuff.

Ok, I just called S and she said that the club plan was to go on the 12. I was planning on the 13. So what to do now? Hmmm. This is why I don't plan. I'd rather make it up as I go than be expecting something and get something totally different.

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