Thursday, March 13, 2003

a few things:

Just got off the phone with Levi, L, my pants...whatever the fuck you want to call him. He's still where he was but is going somewhere else soon. There is more to it than just fines but we'll not go into it. I'm still really sad about it. Hopefully it will be taken care of easily.

Really bad pick up line I just heard: "Are you're parents retarded? Cause you sure are special."

Remember that dream I had about that I was going to come back to...well here ya go:
There was this older woman (mid-fifties) and she ran a restaurant/bar. She fell in love with Death while he was in the body of a man (think Joe Black) and he loved her back. It was all very dramatic. He had to leave and go do his job (killing people) but he promised he would be back. There was a blizzard outside and she cried out as he was leaving "but how will I know it's you?" and he replied "you love me right? you'll know." And left. She went on with her life and ran her business. Then it was summer, hot and sticky and a stranger walks into the bar. She knows it's him, she just knows it. He takes her hand and leads her out to the back alley. All the way she's expclaiming her love for him. When they get out into the alley, he kisses her and then stabs her with a knife. It turns out the guy was a serial killer and not really death at all. Well, in a way I guess he was.

Isn't that fucked up? And I dreamed this before I went to sleep.

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