Saturday, March 29, 2003

Hi all. It's Saturday...it feels like it's the third Monday in a row. I'm kinda tired and lazy and feeling sick. Multi tasking isn't working today.

Yesterday, Friday, I went home from work at 10. That's right, I worked for 2 hours. I went home, hung out, went shopping for Clay's B-day gift. Got him some really cute necklaces. Came back home, hung out...C and I finally left around 5. Got to Clay's, Levi and Teege were already there and the place looked great. So we hung out, I helped Clay do dishes and we listened to Cabaret. Ryan came and picked me up and we went to the mall..... I'm gonna do this later cause I'm tired and sick and leaving.

It's really Monday, but pretend....

So Ryan and I went to the Mall. Woo hoo. We actually before we got to the mall we got lost. Well, not really lost...we just started on the east side and ended up on the west side. We walked around, checked out some hotties. Got some food. Got bored. Went to Walmart for a little light shopping. He got whatever and then he took me back to Clay's. He didn't even go in because "He wasn't invited" well...no one was really invited. They were just supposed to hear about it and come. So he went to the tps dance. Clay and I started the party off. It was kinda funny and sad at the same time. We didn't know how to .... work the keg. Well, we got the idea thanks, but it was all foam. Soooo, we did whatever and somehow it worked. Thanks to Joey and Matt for the help and C for laughing at us. So I had a beer or two or three and a jello shot and some hypnotica or something blue. Then I went to the tps dance. Wow. That was interesting. It had such bad music. But I saw people I knew and I slapped Eric's butt. Nice! It's such a shame he's gay. Anyway, I saw someone I knew from childhood. Like, my parents and his parents are still really good friends. And I learned he's bi. Wow. Are there any straight people I know? Honestly...sometimes. But anyway. Ryan was smashed. We got his car keys from him and he ended up leaving with this guy and his female friends. Nothing really happened there tho, I don't think. C and I followed the guys back to Clay's and it was still pretty dead. Kinda boring. I was ready to fall asleep. I was bored. But I made some new friends anyway. I gave Jason a sucker to remember me from and he gave me a candy wrapper. So around 3 C and I left. I fell asleep on the way home. Come on, I'm still sick and I had been up since fuckin 7. So I needed to crash. When I got home, I jumped right into bed and slept until 2 Saturday afternoon.

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