Thursday, March 20, 2003

How can it be that I slept for 12 hours and I'm still tired? Cause really.

Tuesday was a blast...mostly. After work I called Shawn to see what was going on...but he didn't answer. Jacob called to see what was going on, but I didn't know. Shawn called me back and we talked for a while...ok an hour and a half. Cody came over, we met Shawn at a McDonalds near his house (about a half hour drive). We followed him to Madison and dropped my car off at the club. Then we went to pick up Jacob. Then off to the mall. Hung out, checked out the scenery. The mall closed so we went to the club again at 9ish. Stayed outside playing hack for a bit, Shawn got cold so we went in. It was totally dead. I mean, we usually don't show up until 10:30 and there still aren't a lot of people there. So at 9:45....barren. But we still had a little fun. Shawn was entertaining as ever. Jacob went and found people. Ryan came over. Oh Ryan was so much fun! He showed up alone, so he came over and hung out with the cool kids in the corner (that would be us if you had any doubt). I had my video camera for this part and got some interesting footage...at least I think so I haven't been able to watch it yet cause I promised Cody and Shawn I would wait for them. Levi showed up and I asked him to take my camera to my car for me so I wouldn't have to deal with it. Erick showed up (the guy Shawn really wanted to get with) so he went away somewhere. Cody, Ryan, Levi, Jacob and I hung out in the front for a bit. Fun fun. Levi (I GOT TO SEE LEVI!!!) and I went to get a soda at the back and there was Shawn sitting alone so I asked him if he was trying to look cool for when Erick saw him...he laughed and told me "shut up...yeah." Right then Erick did show up, so walked away. Smooth as ever. Normal club stuff. Dancing, talking, feeling random guys' butts....wait that's not normal. Some of my friends...older guys decided that I was the ultimate butt judge. So they had me checking out some guy's butts and then doing the shelf test on some of them...it was a little embarrassing, but I didn't grab anyone if they didn't want me to. hehehe. I introduced a friend from town (the one from last week who everyone suspected was gay, but didn't really come out) and Ryan and Ryan just complimented him so many times! I mean, he really is hot, really really hot. But it was really cute watch him blush. And Ryan got a couple of kisses out of it, which he thanked me for. I know I rock. That's about all that really happened. Shawn was hanging out with this Beth girl all night cause she was Erick's best friend so he kinda wasn't by us. At the end of the night when they play their one slow song Ryan came and danced with me. That was nice cause he DOESN'T dance. I got him to dance twice and the slow song...I didn't even ask him, he asked me. But I look over and there is Shawn looking really sad and dancing with Beth. What? He's supposed to be with Erick. So I look over at Erick and he's dancing with this Chris guy. What? So afterwards, Shawn is pissed. We drive over to Clay's for the afterbar. There were a lot of people at first, but it thinned out a bit. It was ok. I had my camera again and so there is some interesting stuff. I got so mad at Shawn! I was laying with Ryan on the recliner and Shawn said we were going to go, so I got up and he fuckin took my spot next to Ryan. I was ticked. But I couldn't be that mad, cause Shawn had his heart broke that night already. So I didn't let him know ...... I gotta go work (8:45)

Ok, I'm on lunch break now. So...Shawn stole my cuddlebuddy. Whatever bitch. He really did piss me off yesterday. Moving on. I noticed my camera had disapeared for a bit and then realized it went into the other room where there was a lot of "action" going on. Hmmm. Joey came back out with it tho so I wasn't too worried. I haven't watched the tape yet so I dunno what I'm gonna see. PORN! Shawn finally decided that it was time to leave. So we drove back to his house. I was following him in his car and fuckin almost died. See he neglected to tell me about the 15mph turns that have tiny signs for them. So I had to fuckin slam on my breaks and we almost went into the ditch. And there were six of them! SIX! Oh well. So we got there and passed around a bottle of 92 proof rum. Played some video games. In bed I kept saying I hated Shawn and Cody cause they fell asleep right away and I was sitting there fuckin hot and drunk. Passed out at 7 or something. The alarm went off at 9 or something and Shawn turned it off and we fell back asleep. I woke up again at 9:45, realized I needed my car in Madison at 10:30 and jumped up. We drove to Madison and went to the wrong place. Drove across the street and was there for an hour and a half. They finished up with my car after an hour and a half. I remembered that the carpet was messed up so I said something and they had me running all over looking for people that I never found. I called into work and said I wouldn't be able to make it back by 1. Finally the place told me they would order new carpet and have it replaced. For free! God bless warrenties. So then I took Shawn and Cody to breakfast at IHOPs. We all ate like pigs, them more than me. Off to the mall. Did a couple of laps, checked out some scenery. Off to Shawn's, dropped him off. Made plans for the last night. Drove home. Took a shower. Climbed into bed after attempting to write on here. I slept from 6:30 or so until 7:30 this morning. I know I talked on the phone with a couple of people. I'm pretty sure Jacob called and I know Cody called. I just don't remember what they said. Now here I am at work. Sucky. I've already gotten in trouble today...Turdy saw me writing on here and we're super busy. My bad. I was just trying to finish it up. Oh well. I almost hope I get fired (which would never happen) so I could move to Madison. Fuck this town.

This must be the lunch hour to call. Cause Jake, Shawn and Jon all called. I feel special. Shawn called to appologize for not calling (I didn't know I was asleep). Jake called for a ride cause his car broke down and Jon called cause I haven't talked to him in months.

It's hard to believe it's Thursday. (I just wrote Tues...We....Thur...I couldn't get it right!) Thursday. As in PICTURES are back!!! Hurray! From this incredibly fun weekend I just had. Shawn might come and hang out tonight or tomorrow. Who knows?

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