Wednesday, March 05, 2003

How was your Mardi Gras? CAUSE MY ROCKED THE HOUSE!

Really I had a ton of fun. We went to the Club like planned. The drive to Madison was...an adventure. Snowy crappy roads and slow crappy drivers. But we were fine once we got on the interstate. It took us only slightly longer than normal to arrive at Levi's. My magical mom had purchased some beads for me earlier and when I whipped them out...the fun began. We got all pretty and then drove over to some other friends' place. We sat around watching the Salam Witch Trials on the tv with this other guy, Ryan, who we all just met. He was pretty cute, but didn't talk much. So then we left for the club. Once there...it was dead. Really. But I saw a couple of people I had either met before or met last week. Then more people showed up and it was a busy busy place. I had a ton of fun. In exchange for beads I received two kisses (one from Ryan and another from Shawn), one guy flashed me and another promised to call so we could hang out tomorrow. In exchange for beads I gave out a couple of kisses (both to Ryan that stud!), let Levi play with my boobies and the pleasure of my company to whoever (I told one drag queen that I liked her shoes and later while walking by she put a couple of strings around my neck). Clayton gave me a pig he won in a claw machine, so I was carrying that and a camera around all night. Oh yeah, I got pictures! Woot! So all in all, I'm going to have to say I had a great time.

I swear I have fogotten how to dance. Surely I used to be able to, right? Well, maybe not forgot so much as am out of practice. It's not like riding a bike you know. But I wasn't feeling it last night. Until the end when no one wanted to dance. Then it took forever and finally I got Shawn out there with me. We danced for 30 seconds and then stopped when no one else was out there. So good times right? Oh well. There is always another time.

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