Friday, March 14, 2003

I wish I spoke another language... I want to speak Chinese. I would love to work as a tour guide on those biking/hiking tours they've got goin on. That would be amazing.

Last night was fun. Cabaret...again. I met Clay and we went to the coffee shop. Michangelo's. Yum. Chai! In my town...all the coffee places are closed at 3pm. 3! It's outRAGEgeous! hehehe. Moving on, Clay loved the play. I figured out who the host guy reminds me of, looks kinda like and sounds like Santiago from Interview with a Vampire. We got to meet more of the actors. Jake (he's a sailor/Natzi in the play) and I are kinda trying to hook up Clay with the guy who played Victor (Aaron). All in all it was good clean fun. Well, maybe not clean... but good fun none the less! Clay, Matt and I are going to go ice skating sometime. Soon hopefully. Anyone wanna come with?

I called Jacob yesterday. I hadn't talk to him in awhile so I thought I would say hi, but he wasn't there. I was a little bummed, but who should call as I'm making my way to Madison? JACOB! He didn't even know I called. So that was cool. I asked if he wanted to come up this weekend and he asked what I was doing today. So we might do something today and will definately do something tomorrow. HORRAY!

I just reread some stuff and Icky...why oh why oh why? Why can't I find a normal (straight) guy? Really, cause my last couple of boyfriends have really sucked. Especially E. Why did it take so long for me to realize it? I figure I was just still hanging on to what he was like before his accident. He fucked up sooo much. Damn, I'm stupid. And now I know almost no straight guys. At least ones I would consider dating. Well, there is this guy that L was talking about...one of his friends (and mine too I guess) has a really hot nephew and I'm supposed to go on a couple of dates with him. There is a drawback tho, they think he's either gay or bi and they want me to find out. Well, I guess I'd be good at it. 3 of my exs are now gay. This is not good for self esteem.

Moving on. I'm hopin the day goes well. Cause I'm tired. The phone rang this morning and I thought I was late for work and they were calling me to see if I was alive. But no, it was one of my friend's dad calling to see if she was either at my house or get L's number to try him. I'm a little worried cause she's been in enough trouble...she doesn't need anymore. I thought she was smarter than this. I hope she's ok.

It's only 9:03 in the am. I'm sooo tired! I want to go on vacation. Does anyone have a couch I could sleep on? Cause I don't care where I go...as long as it isn't in Wisconsin. I promise we'll have great conversations and I'll be the best guest you could ask for. Please? I really want to go to Chicago and New York. Chicago is close enough that I could go for a day...and we've made plans to...but haven't gone. Sad really. As far as New York goes...L, C and I were supposed to go in a couple of weeks...but with this whole...cops out to get him thing he's got goin on...we prolly won't make it for a long time. But if anyone wants a really fun visitor...anywhere...let me know.

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