Thursday, March 27, 2003

I. am. sick.
So very very sick. All I can do is sit here and moan. Well, not really cause I'm at work and if I did that...they would so kick my ass. No, I'm here working hard. And it sucks. I woke up this morning and have been coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose ever since. Oh goodness, it's no fun.

I knew I was moving in with P for a reason. She has sooo many soundtracks to musicals. I listened to Cabaret, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Prince of Egypt just last night. She had a whole cd case dedicated to just her musical soundtracks. It's way cool.

Happy news about Shawn. He got laid. And even more important, he has a boyfriend. Good for you Shawn. He called me yesterday and work and had to tell me all about it. Then he called this morning and told me about last night. So I've had about enough of hearing about everyone else getting laid and poor little Kelly here is all alone. At work. Sick. damn.

Moving on. Hmm, I'm sure I had something to say. Oh yeah, Damn you W! Find me some fuckin peppermint. All my hook ups are in jail, you're my last resort, find me some peppermint! Now. Cause I'm going to some parties this weekend and yeah...

Two parties to go to. Clay's b-day party tomorrow night. That should be fun I hope. Then Saturday my friend Jake is having a party and I'm taking Clay. I don't really want to go to that one, cause Jake makes me a bit nervous, but .... Clay wants to go. So we will.

Ryan called! Yesterday while I was at work. He was supposed to call at 5 when I was done, but he called to say he wouldn't be able to call at 5. What a sweetie! So I'm gonna give him a call when I get done with work and see if he wants to meet me in Madison on Saturday and hang out. It's a crying shame he's not straight...he did sleep with a girl the other week tho...so...hmmm.

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