Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I'm really frusterated right now. My job is just too stressful. And it wouldn't be...if I wasn't working with the most annoying person I know! Good Lord this woman just doesn't know what she's doing!! Well, she does, she just does it in a fucked up way. I can't stand it. And my supervisor that quit was on a plane back to Wales yesterday so my boss is all depressed cause it was one of his best friends. This is the second friend of his to go over the sea in 3 months. But now he's all bitchy and it sucks.

So what now? I don't care. I had fun last night. JA, his girl Angie and their friend Clay came into town last night. Total surprise! C and I went to their hotel and we hung out. They're going to come to the club with us tonight. hehehe. This'll be interesting. I was showing my pics on Saturday and all my boiz think JA is hott! And now he's even better looking. Finally! A hot straight guy! I was beginning to think they didn't exist. Too bad he's my "brother". Nah, not really too bad.

I was chattin last night and I guess I'm going to Def Leppard now. I barely know who they are. But a free ticket is a free ticket. One of my high school friends who I almost dated asked me to go with him. I'm wonderin if he's lookin to hook up or if we're just going to go as friends. I'm hopin it's friends cause I'm so far from "liking" this guy. Don't get me wrong, he'a great guy....just not for me. I have way too many gay friends to date a homophobe.

Anyway, this is cute. I chatted with Jacob last night and here's what we said:
Jacob: *yawn* tired
me: yeah, it's late
me: but I had to get online to see if you were here
Jacob: hehehe ditto
me: lol
...nothing said for five minutes...
me: that's pretty funny, we get online to chat and then say nothing
Jacob: Sorry, I blacked out and was drooling all over the keyboard

P's going to be back soon!!!!!! A week and a half. I'm super excited. I just can't wait to move out. Seriously, I'm dying! I don't know why. I get along with my parents just fine. Well, I know why. I want to be able to have people over whenever I want and not have to worry about bothering them or them bothering us. I mean I'm almost 19 (give or take a month or 5). I love having my mom do my laundry and have food all right there...but I want my own place. Hurry up P!

I still haven't gotten my taxes back. Damn you. So what if Uncle Sam likes you better, I bet I get more than you! Well, maybe not. Prolly not. Shit, I ain't gettin nothin. Not really. But I really want my money!


I used to sign my name like that. Ok this is getting boring and I'm bored. So bored I could turn into...a 2 by 4. Hhehehe, sad, silly little joke.

It's only 10. That sucks. Really bad. Cause I want to leave. Really bad. I wonder if anyone would care. Prolly. I've been really busy at work lately. Prolly cause I've been spending my time emailing, posting here and reading other blogs. Oh well, huh? Shitt...I'm gonna go work. I guilted myself into it.

Perhaps I should move to Madison.

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