Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Oh my gosh. I just had the best meal of my entire life. We went to this new place in town that isn't even open to the public yet. Seriously, wow. The place just looks amazing and the wait staff is just the best. There are sooo many good looking guys there. So I had the best meal. Appetizer - Mushroom ravioli something. I loved it. I ate it all. Pig, I know. But eating it made me even more hungry. Salad - House salad. Some of the most amazing flavors out of simple veggies. I didn't eat a lot of it cause my entree got there. Entree - Mediterranean Chicken. Wow. A fricken half a chicken with olives, broccoli and some other stuff. Just wonderful. I only ate about half and got the rest in a box. Desert - I don't even know. I had never heard of it but it was wonderfully sweet. And then coffee. Wow, I am sooo full, I can barely drink my oj for my sore throat. After we ate we got a tour thru the kitchen. Even more hot guys. I was lovin it. It really was the best and I got an extra hour for lunch. It would have been better if some different people went, but I had an ok time with my coworkers I went with. I already told my parents that I would take them out to dinner there sometime. It's expensive but wow. I haven't taken my folks out in a long time. Next week or something maybe. I will definately get the mushrooms again.

I know this is terribly exciting to read about my lunch, in great detail no less, but damn it! It was good. You're just jealous.

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