Monday, March 24, 2003

Oh my gosh...I have this song in my head and it won't go away...not that I want it to, cause it's kind of a cool song. Deedlie dee dee de. Two ladies. From Cabaret. Last night P, Shawn and I were my bed and we all burst into song. It was great.

So this weekend...hmmm. What to say? I don't remember. Ummm, C and Shawn prolly came over on Friday. I'm not too sure. I think so. Yeah, and we drank and played video games almost all night. Then passed out all in my bed. C left early to go home...Shawn and I slept in until 10, made french toast that was hardly edible and then hung out. We played games again and then walked around town. Hung out did whatever, C came over for a bit, then left cause she had to work early...we went to Kitchen in town before he left for work. The plan was on Sunday for him to come back over right when he got done with work, but instead of working Midnight until 8 like he was supposed to, he worked until 10. Sucks for him. So he went home and slept, and I hung out at home and finally got to see The Godfather. I was super excited. But I couldn't get into, it was such a nice day and I was really sad I was hanging out inside alone. So I went out on my front steps and read my book. Screw everyone I can be happy alone. So my parents, P and Shawn all got to my house within 5 mins of each other. That was fun. Shawn, P and I looked at pictures and went to Perkins. I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in .... a really long time. Mostly Kitchen folk. There was a reason I haven't gone to Kitchen and .... oh well, I'm not going into it, but one of the guys told me that I was talked about. Gossip, gossip, gossip. Plus he asked me to call J. What? And I quote "He's been looking really down lately...I know whenever you talk to him it brings a smile to his face so I'm just asking what any friend would." Ok guilt me into it. So I'll prolly call later today. This guy Shawn likes, his ex, a guy I know and some random fag hag showed up at Perkins while we were there. It kinda got Shawn depressed for a bit, cause he found out this guy doesn't like him "like that" but he found another guy who does so he was happy when we left. We went back to my house, C came over. We listened to music and sang out little hearts out. That was nice. To Rent, Moulin Rouge and Miss Saigon. C left cause she had school this morning. Shawn, P and I played more games. Listened to music. I tried to go to bed at 12. Then again at 1. I finally just fell asleep with my head in Shawn's lap. We all climbed into my bed around 2:30. They were talking for an hour or so. They went to the same high school but didn't really know each other. So they were blabbing on. Shawn finally fell asleep and started snoring. P fell asleep. So I'm sitting there and I can't fall asleep. Finally at 3:45 I go out into the living room and sleep. That was so nice! I had a ton of pillows around me. And no one was snoring. Nice.

I just got off the phone with P and Shawn. They're still sleeping in my bed. Those rat bastards. I'm so jealous.

Tonight...who knows? Certainly not I.

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