Monday, March 17, 2003

Ok, I had the greatest time this weekend. I don't know how to put it into words...ok here: I HAD THE BEST FUCKIN TIME THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!! That'll do.

Friday - Cody and I just kinda hung out. We were going to go see Cradle 2 the Grave, but didn’t. I dunno why. So instead we watched some other movie and went on a walk around town. That was fun. We got coffee and sat on a billboard. When the cop drove by we froze and then when he turned the corner, it was like “ok, time to get down now.” We talked with my Aunt Gwen a bit and then she left and I went to bed.

Saturday - I woke up at 10:30 or something. Jacob called at 11 or so I think. We kept trying to get a hold of both Shawn and Cody, but neither were there. So we talked on the phone for a little while. He told me he had something serious to ask me and he asked “Do you want to move to London? Cause I’ve wanted to move there for the longest time and I need to find someone to go with me and I think you might be the one.” I laughed and he just told me to think about it "cause the drinking age is 18 and there are so many more straight guys over there for you." Well, ya would think I could find one on this side of the ocean. But…we’ll see. We hung up. I did the dishes and cleaned up a bit more. Cody called at 12 or something and I told her to get her butt over to my house. We then left for Madison and we actually didn’t get lost. We missed a turn, but then made up for it. So we did well. Got to Jake’s. He had some friends over and we all decided to go to State Street and see what was goin on there. We were going to walk there at first, but then decided to drive. So we did. We parked and went and walked around. Saw some cute guys (Helllllo Mr. Triangle Market). Went into the capitol building (the West Wing is all mine). Shopped a bit (Ohhh Soap Opera). Didn’t buy anything (sorry Jake, but $5 for that coat was still too much). Then we went back to Jake’s. Hung out for a bit and waited for Dan to show up. We played hack and then Jake packed. Dan said he would come to my house later, so we left. Talked on the drive about all sorts of stuff. We stopped at Shawn's place of work to see if he was there. He was. He was sittin in his car listening to his music like a little bitch (much love!). We all hung out for a bit. He had to punch in eventually, so we hung out with him even after he did. I got a call while there and it was P!!! Oh my goodness, I screamed her name when I realized it was her. We talked a bit and then I asked if she would call me later. We went back to my house and made a cake. Talked, hung out, whatever. Cody left at 11 or something. Jake and I went on a walk to Amaco. He got online and I hung out. Stephy and Brian showed up. We watched the first part of Rocky Horror Picture show. Jake went into my room to sleep and then Shawn called. He said he was on his way. When he called later and I had to go get him to show him where I live, Stephy and Brian left. So Shawn and I sat on my loveseat and talked. Then we had a drink. Went outside to smoke and sat in his car listening to music and talking. We went back inside and had another drink. Put in Miss Congeniality. I had parts of what we talked about recorded on a cassette and parts on Video Camera. The second time I tried to use my camera I couldn’t figure it out, and you can tell cause there are like 5 times where you see the floor, wall or ceiling. We both fell asleep at the end. I woke up and shut it off when it was all snowy. I was going to go to sleep then…but couldn’t. So I woke up Shawn and asked if he want to sleep in the other room with me (instead of the loveseat cause it's small). We got in bed and just started talking again. It was so hilarious. He would be talking about something and then totally change subjects and talk about what he would be doing if he was at work. I laughed sooo hard. Finally he passed out and the dog kept me up for a bit. Finally I fell asleep around 5:45 or something. My phone rang at 6:30 so I jumped up to get it. All I heard was the song Good Morning Beautiful, I listened for 10 seconds or something and then hung up. I knew it was E. I was a bit hung over and not in the mood to listen to that crap. I can’t believe he called. That ass. I was so mad, I woke up Shawn and told him. I don’t know if he was really awake or not. But…Moving on. I fell asleep again.

Sunday - We woke up at 9 or something. Sat in bed talking a bit more. We called Levi to say hi and tell him that we love him! Finally getting up. We talked about what we were going to do and then got ready. Jake wore what he brought, while Shawn borrowed my new Kenny Chesney shirt, my new shoes I haven’t worn, a pair of socks and a sweatshirt. We took my video camera everywhere we went and had a blast with it. First going to Pierce’s to see Cody. Of course she wasn’t there. She was on break and came back soon. So we waited. She showed up, we made plans. Jake, Shawn and I went to the tourist town nearby and walked around. It would have been boring (no cute guys at all!), but we made it fun. We went to Culver’s and they got food. We sat outside. It was so beautiful out! We went back to my house to wait for Cody. Shawn wouldn’t let me sleep. That meanie. So we just sat around. When Cody showed up we went to the Lake and climbed the rocks! That was a ton of fun. I sat in mud and water. Then I stepped in it. Yummy. Shawn fell and scratched his arms up. Jacob wore sandles and ended up going barefoot a couple of times. Cody…she took care of the pictures. We climbed down the rocks all the way down after just going down a bit and then back up. It was hard. But fun. Finally at the end I was soo tired! Not sleeping and not eating kinda caught up to me. We got back to my house and I cleaned up a bit. Drank some juice, ate some cereal. Shawn gave me a caffinee pill and took one himself. The rest of the night I just kinda spaced out. My goodness. We drove to Madison and Jacob said State Street was closed down so we played hack in the East Towne Parking lot. Fun fun. It really was. I was just spaced and we all sucked. Oh well. Then we took Jacob home and Jake (other Jake) called me. At the end of the conversation he said love ya and I started to say it but then just hung up cause…what? That confused me and I almost forgot about that. I sat up front with Shawn and Cody on the drive home and Shawn fell asleep. I half sang and half slept. I couldn’t tell the difference. Cody dropped us off at my house and he started his car. I ran in and got his picture for him (of a really cute guy that he's trying to hook up with and I happened to have a picture of thanks to Mardi Gras and Jacob's outspokenness). He gave me a hug and said he would call me soon. I went in and listened to what I had recorded on my handheld recorder and fell asleep.

This morning while walking outside to go to work, I saw a cigarette butt on my sidewalk and I didn’t want to pick it up cause I didn’t want the weekend to be over. I had so much fun! So much that I kept asking everyone else if they were having as much fun as I was, and everyone said yes. I think the four of us are an awesome group to hang out with. Cody is a best friend. They just don't come like her anymore and we always have fun. Shawn is freckin hilarious. He's so fun to talk to. Jacob is so nice and outspoken. He'll talk to any stranger on the street. And me...well, I don't know but I must be fun. Shawn and Jacob both say that they are really glad they met me. So I felt special. Ohhh warm fuzzies!

Wait....it's just my sweater.

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