Friday, March 21, 2003

Ok, I'm so totally not telling anyone what just happened. That was embarrassing and there were no wittnesses so I'm ok. Wow.

So last night I called Levi on the drive home. I don't remember why...oh yeah, I had to get someone's number. Well, I did (and then never called him, whoops) and I called Shawn on my cell phone, he called back to say he would call back in a couple of mins. Ok so I talked with Levi. Woot! Shawn called and said he was coming over. I got off the phone. My uncle called and said that he had received a phone call from the United States Government. He was gone, so he doesn't exactly know what it's about (or at least he didn't tell me). Manohman. That's depressing. Anyway, Shawn and I went to rent a movie or something and ended up getting The Ring and some X-box game. The Hunted or something. We went home and played it right away. It was sooo much fun. I ordered pizza and we just chilled playing video games and eating pizza. It was a ton of fun. Cody came over and brought the pictures but Shawn and I were too involved in the game to look at them right away. I talk a lot of shit while playing games tho...Cody was writing down random phrases. I'll have to post that later. Or she can. But then we put the Ring in and watched that...I had seen it before but neither of them had. So that was fun. It would have been better if my parents didn't come home right in the middle of it. But oh well. So we finally looked at the pictures and they're adorable! There are soo many cute ones! I put the ones I love in my big photo albumn and then some of the others in a little one I just got and brought it to work. Now I have to look at it, hold on. Ok, it is seriously cute.

I want to get high! But...can't. Everyone in this area I know is in jail. How depressing. Oh well, I have some people I could go to...I just don't really trust them, ya know? The last time I got high was...hmmm. Let me look in the archives. February 22, 2003. Levi and I posted something funny. Our conversation which prolly doesn't make a whole lotta sense if you weren't there. But it's funny anyway.

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