Wednesday, March 26, 2003

The rest of yesterday sucked. Well, until about 6. Work was awful. I worked my ass off, lost my voice and then had to stay late. Turdy is gone so a couple of things I need to know...I can't find out about. This sucks. Moving on. Shawn called me right before 5 so I talked to him as I walked out of the office. That was fun, my boss tried to grab my phone, but I didn't let him and just kept walking. My phone was getting no reception so I told him I'd call him when I got home. Drove home singing and alternated between being super excited and happy to all the sudden wanting to burst into tears. It was so strange. Then I got into a fight with my parents when I got home because my father was a little rude to my friends the other night. I hid in my room. Eventually P joined me. I called Shawn back and told him to come over. P and I talked and she cheered me up. What are friends for? She went downstairs and when she came up she said she had a gift for me. Behind her back was the cutest shirt I've ever seen! It's black with long sleeves and a cut collar. On it is a Lucky Brand logo thing in shiny silver. It's absolutely adorable. We ate dinner and she took a shower. We hopped into our club clothes and we were both a little punk last night. I had pinstripe pants with zippers that lead to nowhere and she had plaid pants. We were hot. Shawn got there and loved the outfits. He then proceeded to torture me. He plucked my eyebrows! I have naturally very nice eyebrows. But he claimed that although they were beautiful, they could always be better. I let him. And they do look really good, but they were just fine before too. Oh well. KJ got there and we went to McDonalds. KJ and P got pulled over. hehehe. I called C to make sure she wasn't going to go and she changed her mind and met us at Micky D's. I drove with Shawn and we had a blast, singing and dancing (as much as you can in a car, which is more than you think). I called Levi and had him convinced that I wasn't going to go cause no one would miss me. He finally "talked me into it" while we were driving there. C and P tried to play interstate tag with us, but we weren't feelin it. They were supposed to be following us cause C didn't know the way to the club. So when they were in front of us, we pulled off onto an exit, turned around and got back on again. They didn't know what we were doing so C stops right on the fuckin interstate and is thinkin about turning around to follow us. But there was a cop so she didn't. Shawn and I are laughing the whole time and we don't even know what they're doing. We drive and catch up and P's reaction was priceless, she grabbed at the window and had this look on her face. It was great.

We get to the club and not a lot of people are there. We kinda hang out. Do whatever. Ryan gets there, he turns and sees me and inhales his gum and chokes. He managed to be ok tho. I think that's the best reaction I've ever gotten. But the club gets busier and I'm busy as well. I'm so popular there!

Tyler decided that I could be his fag hag. I dislike that term. I'd much rather be a fruit fly. But oh well, C and I actually just met him last week and he's already decided that we're cool.

I had Mike, Ryan, Tyler, Justin, Aaron and Clay all grinding with me at one time. I was literally surrounded by hot men. I loved it. They laughed at me when I screamed out why couldn't they be straight.

I'm now getting married to Ryan. He and Levi are going to have their sperm combined and fertilize one of my eggs. They barely talk and they're going to father a child of mine together? What? I think not, talk about disfunctional family.

Ryan, James and Mike shoving handfuls of condoms down my shirt and having them fly out while dancing. I was a human condom dispenser. Just be careful where you grab.

Joey tackeling me as I left. He push P out of the way, grabbed and jumped up on me. I was knocked over so we both went flying and rolled off the sidewalk onto the street in front of cars.

I got a lot...a LOT of "Oh my gosh you're so hot/pretty/cute, if I wasn't gay I would so date you/have sex with you." I had the best time tho seriously. I didn't get to hang out with Shawn a lot. I didn't get to hang out with P a lot. I didn't get to hang out with C a lot. I didn't get to hang out with Levi a lot. I spent most of the night with Ryan, cause we're going to get married.

We got home at 10 to 3. P went straight to my bed and passed out. Oh by the way, she's 21 and was drinking with James last night. She was wasted. So after my shower I had to try and push her over cause she was taking up my entire bed! I think I finally got to sleep about 3:30. Waking up this morning sucks. My throat hurts soo bad (no jokes please). I've been drinking water all morning and it just sucks. I would be all sick and go home...but I used all of my vacation time. So...yeah. I have to be sick and here. It's all good tho, I did it to myself.

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. I'm so ready for the weekend. I've got a party to go to on Friday and then another one on Saturday. I'm not really looking forward to the one on Saturday. But oh well. At least I'll have Clay with me. Awww, Clay gave me a kiss last night. I'm so glad people like me there. I dunno, yesterday was just kind of a "Why do people even hang out with me? I bore myself, how am I supposed to entertain everyone else too?" Really I was so depressed. Then I went to the club and I got all sorts of love. People actually fight over me.

I am listening to the most beautiful voice I've heard in a long time. Evanescence. Seriously. She has a .... I can't even describe it. Thanks to KJ for leaving it at my house and prolly not getting it back for a long time. Everyone should check them out. This means YOU!

So I've got lunch at that restaurant I didn't get to go to on Monday. I wonder if I can take an extra hour for lunch too. Doubt it, but it's still cool to go for a NICE lunch.

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