Wednesday, March 12, 2003

So very very tired. So very. I wish I could just curl up and sleep. But no. I'm at work.

Last night was fun. It started out dramatic and silly, but got better. At L's, he was cleaning and stressed out cause he was throwing an after bar at his house later that night. So I, in turn, got frusterated and pissed off. JA never called so they didn't go with us. That made me really pissed off. I smoked way more than I wanted to. I had to sit outside alone for a min and then C came and joined me. After that I felt better.

Finally we got to the club around 10:30 so something. Everything got better. Shawn came up and we danced with him a lot. We danced with Clay a lot. We danced a lot! More than any other time I think. And it was fuckin hot! Oh my gosh. They played Soccer Practice and Momma Mia! I was cheesin! I saw a couple of people I know from in town here. One who I didn't know had come out (everyone suspected, but I didn't know for sure so I wasn't going to say something) and one who used to work at Kitchen. I was super excited. Next week, I'm taking Wednesday off so C and I can stay all night long! After bar at L's!!

I invited a couple of people to my house on Saturday. My parents are gone so I invited some boiz to come over and watch Mommy Dearest. I haven't seen it and thought it would be cool if they joined me in watching it. So Shawn is coming for sure and C should already be there. Dunno about anyone else really.

And if you know where the phrase in the last post is from, you will be one of the coolest people I know. drop me a note if ya do dreamcatcher_gurl@yahoo.com

Time for super quiz so...


ok back....
Is it bad that I know more gay guys than straight guys? I talk to everyone equally. I start up conversations with random people and it's a ton of fun. So why do I hang out with my boiz more? I kinda lost contact with a lot of my friends during that E thing...another thing he fucked up for me. Is that part of it? It's easier to make new friends than have to deal with the old? And all the friends I've made in the last couple of weeks are thru L and gay. Maybe when P gets back I'll met some different, straight, guys. Then again, maybe not. But all I know is that I have some really cool friends and I have a ton of fun at the club on Tuesdays. So there!

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