Thursday, March 20, 2003

So who wants to show me how to do this? #1. Put comments on my page. I've wanted them for a while....just cause...and I dunno what the heck I'm doin. #2. Hook my camera up to the tv. Really I'm not as clueless as I sound. Normally I can figure anything out...but not this. Hmm. I am clueless.

Anyway. I'm still working. It still sucks. I'll stop talking about it now.

I got my taxes back. My parents paid me back the money they owed me. And I just got paid. Someone has money! That would be me.

I need to look for apartments. P and I were talking and she and I both want to move to Madison. But because of this job...we're not going to go until at least next year. I just haven't gotten enough money or experience out of it. I haven't gotten a raise and I've had the responsibilities just piled on me. I know it's something I would enjoy...if I didn't have to deal with people. Cause I am creative and I like doing this...but I don't like having to deal with all the bullshit I put up with here. Next year tho. Next year I am moving to Madison! Or London. My boss and I were looking up apartments in London the other day. Then we went for a drive. That was fun.

So about the war. I think we're fighting for the wrong reasons. But since we are fighting. Go USA. end.

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