Tuesday, March 18, 2003

This is prolly the only thing I'm going to write in here today. I've become much too addicted to posting nonsense messages and not doing work. So I hate my job...so what? Cause the sun will rise and the moon will set and you learn to settle for what you get. Hehehe. Anyway....I get to see some friends tonight. Why? Cause I'm goin to the club! I get to see Clay and Matt and Shawn and Ryan and Derrick and Jake and oh I dunno, a whole bunch of people I met but don't remember until I see them. Oh and because I'm so crafty, Cody and I have new shirts to wear. WOOT! They're kinda similar. They are both light blue with dark blue shoulder/sleeves and they both have butterflies on the front. Her's is a monarch and mine is .... blue. I dunno what kind. But they're both really cute. I'm so proud of me! And Cody for recording it. The camera again...yeah

Ok I gotta work now.

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