Friday, March 07, 2003

Wow, I don't know if I can do nothing anymore. Really, wow. I've done nothing so much that I have nothing left to do...haha that was almost funny.

Last night, I was supposed to receive a phone call from Shawn. But that bitch didn't call so I called him and he "went to the mall". That gay bastard. (Much love!) So I asked Cody if she wanted to go to Madison, to purchase the Cabaret soundtrack and to take Levi a cake (just because). She agreed and drove over. Then I looked at my check book and realized that after my car payment and speeding ticket are deducted...I will have $17. I'm used to having much much more. So if I did go to Madison, by habbit I can only assume that I would over spend. So I was bummed. Very bummed. And broke. I also recently lost $30. How can I do that? It was sitting right next to my bed where it always has. Not fair. Oh well.

Moving on.

We stayed at my house and watched two really old movies. (Really old being early 90's) They were kinda silly, but entertaining...at least for me...next time, I'll let you pick the movies ok Cody? We ate a ton! Oh my gosh, I haven't eaten that much in a long time...we had ummm what did we have? Pizza! Tombstone BBQ Chicken...and we ate the whole thing. She ate half, I ate half. Then we each had an 1/8 of a cake and a smallish scoop of ice cream. I was full. I was happy. I wasn't moving.

I took a shower and then fell asleep with the headphones on (listening to Garth Brooks). That kinda hurt this morning. I realized it when my alarm went off (for the third time) at 7:04. When my mother came in to wake me up, I told her and then rolled over and went back to sleep until 7:30. Woke up, got dressed, brushed my teeth and sped my ass to work and got here almost on time. At least I didn't get a bad parking spot.

So tired! But TGIF!!! I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight. Cody and I were talking about going to see The Laramie Project, but I'm broke. This would be a good time for my taxes to come back. Well, we can hope.

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