Monday, April 21, 2003

11:11 . . . I wish - NO! WAIT! I don't want to tell YOU!

I've got the pineapple song stuck in my head. AND IT WON'T GO AWAY! Damn the man!
Why OH WHY do I like looking at men so much?! I just totally got busted giving a guy the once over. I don't think he minded tho ;)
I'm going out to lunch today! I'm going out to lunch today! My lab partners for Chem have created this new tradition. We go out to lunch every Monday and try to find a new place to eat each week. It's fun! I try to find the oddest thing on the menu. The odd things aren't really that odd. Last week when it was in the 70's I got hot soup and coffee. I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for today. I'm not even sure where we're going today. It'll be a good time no matter what!
My lab partners are AWESOME. Gail, Sally, and Stephanie. Gail is in her 50s, but she act like she's 25! Her style of dress is bright and different (I love it), and she's got a great laugh. I learn something new from her every time I see her. She's always telling stories about the places she's lived and her family.
Sally is my age (18 or 19). She seemed pretty quiet when I first met her, but once you get her off campus she's open and carefree. She likes to party a little, and, like me, she usually has to be the responsible one. I'm so glad I can relate with someone on that.
Stephanie is in her 20s. She's pregnant with her and her hubby's first child. I can't remember when she's due . . . June I think, but she's hardly showing! I hope I look as cute as her if I ever get pregnant.
They're a sweet bunch and - OH MY GOD!! I just spied Icy-Blues!!! I thought he transferred!! WOW!!! Nice view!
*ignoring computer to stare and fantasize*
I need a glass of water!

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