Thursday, April 24, 2003

Damn it's hot in here....
nope that's just me.

I feel so pretty today. I shouldn't be wasting my time at work. I need to go out and mingle with the crowd.

I can't believe I just said mingle. That's pretty funny.

Yesterday I stayed and worked until 8. That's right, I worked from 8am until 8pm with no breaks except lunch. We finally got all the stuff done tho, and now it mostly rests on the color house. All I have to do it proof stuff and then go on press again for color. I've been under such a strain from work. It had totally taken it's tole. I was bitchy and tired and sore. My body was one big ache. My stomach was eating itself from stress.

When I got home (at 8:30!!) Shawn and P were sleeping on my bed. Seems to be a trend here. I must have the most comfy bed in the world if everyone needs to come over to sleep in it. Anyway, we went downstairs to watch a movie, but ended up turning it off and talking. Well, P and I talked...Shawn halfway slept. We talked about how my attitude has changed since we've meet. I used to be so insecure. I can't even describe it. I used to feel like I was bothering people when I asked if they wanted to hang out. Like no one really wanted to hang out with me but didn't want to hurt my feelings...Anyway, Beppo called and we talked for 5 minutes before I got a sliver in my foot and had to go preform surgery to get it out. I took a shower and then meet Shawn and P in his car...smoked. Shawn left for work and P and I got into bed. This is around 11:30. We text Joey "Why do birds suddenly appear?" and sent Clay "Did you ever know that ur my hero?". We almost fell asleep then, but instead called Clay to say welcome back. We tried to talk to him, but giggled too much and he kept asking if we were high. It took 20 times of him asking before I forgot to say no. But it was hilllarious. He would yell at me for giggling when P and I were talking the whole time he was talking to someone else. Then he yelled at me for talking to P and then went and started talking to someone else. I got a headach and finally fell asleep around 12:30 or 1.

Today tho. It's beautiful. I woke up to JC Superstar, my pages are done and it's so pretty out. I spent the morning in Madison with my bosses. We had to meet someone for a very very casual business meeting. I got breakfast and a mocha freeze out of it. Plus shopping at Boarders. Maybe that wasn't a good idea tho, cause I spent $45 and was tempted to spend more.

However, I did find the most awesome book. It's amazing and I'm only a couple of pages into it. It's called The Book of Disquiet. I'm very happy with that purchase and am going to get another for Beppo for a late X-mas gift. Unfortunately, I can't give it to him this weekend like planned cause my parents are going to be out of town and I have to take care of the animals. Damn.

So it's prolly going to be a weekend in Madison and whatever. Maybe I can get people to come visit me. Perhaps...who would I want to see tho? A lot of people!!! Oh well. We'll see what happens.

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