Sunday, April 13, 2003

Good morning! Wow...what a weekend.

Friday - I got off work and came home, Shawn and P were waiting for me...playing X-box (X-bob). I couldn't get them to do anything fun with me at first. Then we went shopping at Wal-mart. A great adventure...pistachio pudding mix, lime fruit drink, rainbow sherbet and oreos. I lost my super great mood. A friend of P's called my cell to talk to her and when we got back to my house she left. Shawn and I went on the computer. I was on the phone with Levi when I got another call, unknown name unknown number, so I answer it and it pretty much goes down like this:
guy: Is Kelly there?
me: this is
guy: Hey I was wondering if you might like to meet up and go on a date or something tonight.
me: who is this?
guy: My name is Jeremy, my friend E gave me your number and thought you might like to go out sometime.
me: E?
guy: Yeah, so do you think you might want to?
me: I'm sorry, but I have no idea who you are and that's just kinda weird.
guy: yeah. well, sorry I bothered you *click*

How fucked up is that? So now I'm fuckin pissed off. E giving my number away? So I search my room and find his card. I call his exgirlfriends (maybe his girlfriend again) and ask for him. He sounds like he just woke up but I ask him if he's giving my number away. He says no. And I say what just happened. He denies it and says I don't need to be calling him up all bitchy with an attitude...that's all I heard cause I hung up. He called again after a couple of minutes and tried to play all nice guy I'll help you figure out who did this. I don't want his help and I don't want to be talking to him. So I get off the phone with him and am now completely miserable.

I hide in my room, never wanting to talk to anyone again. It was absolutely horrible to talk to E again. It was a huge mistake and I don't want to be reminded of that at all. Shawn comes in after a few minutes and tries to cheer me up. It works after a while. Then he starts cleaning my room. So I feel guilty and we end up with the room just sparkling clean. I love it, but why did we have to clean my room? I'm happy living in filth. Oh well. It's nice now.

At dinner my dad's cell phone rings. He has my old cell phone because he gave me his new one (cause the new one was cooler and he never uses it anyway). He answers it and the person hangs up. It rings again and I answer it. It's E. He wants to know if I want to go out for coffee sometime. I say prolly not. He gets pissed and hangs up.

Shawn and I finish up my room and P gets home. We chill out for a bit. Then my sister gives me some smoke and we go on a walk. I was walking right down the street firing up. It was great! A bit risky but great! We go down into the basement and watch The Three Amigos. Laughing our asses off. Shawn had never seen it. We have some very intelligent conversations about voice dubbing, signs from God and pistachio pudding. Shawn leaves at 11:15 to go to work and I tell him to call us on his break. I fall asleep and P is just talking to me the whole time. The movie ends and we go upstairs into my room and have an intelligent conversation about Beauty and the Beast and what happens when everyone turns human again. Cause do they have to go shopping and replace all the furniture they just lost because they're human again? And where do they get the food from? Stuff like that.

Saturday - Wake up around...11? I'm wondering why Shawn didn't call until I realize that I had turned my phone off at some point. I check my voice mail and he did call! So I called his cell to see if I can wake him up. I didn't. P leaves to go hang out with her family in her home town. I hang out with family. My mom and I go on a bike ride around town. After that I grabbed a book and went outside. I read for 20 minutes and then started playing catch with my sister's boyfriend. P called and was bored so I sat outside and talked to her for a bit. Got off the phone and went with my family to Subway (BLECK!). Called C, we went and picked her up. Went to the lake and canoed. Saw some hotties. Went back to my house, Shawn called and I told him to come over. I took a shower and then just chilled. Shawn got here and we went for a cruise. Then into Walmart. Somehow we ended up over by the food section...not a good place to be if you have the munchies. We got another gallon of the fruit drink, Wheat Thins and Reisens. Yummy. On the way back to my house I called WJJO and was going to request a song but ended up talking to the DJ for a half hour. Then I think I hung up on him on accident. I called back and we talked for another 10 minutes but he had to go give a cd away so he told me to call back at 10:30. C left and Shawn and I pretty much fell asleep. I woke up at 10:50 and called DJ back. We talked until 11:20. He gave me his number and told me to call him the next time I was in Madison. So...hurray! He's kinda cute too. His pic online looks really...intense..no pissed off. It's great! Christian called Shawn's cell phone and that bitch was still sleeping so I called Christian back on my cell phone. He didn't answer but called back. We talked for a bit. I managed to wake Shawn's sorry ass up and send him to work. Christian is so much fun. I love that boy. If he and Shawn break up I'm so going to turn Christian straight. HAHAHAHAHA Unlikely. So anyway. Then S called and tried to get me to go over to her house and drink around the fire with them. I turned that down. P called and we talked for awhile. How sad is that? We talk everyday, live together, sleep in the same bed and we still call each other when we're bored. It's not sad at all! She hung up on me after awhile tho cause I started singing 98 degrees (Shawn and Cody were listening to it earlier). I went to sleep. Then Levi called. Drunk. We talked for a bit. I should call him and see how he's doing. Hold on. His phone is off. Oh well. Got off the phone with him and finally went to sleep.

Happy Sunday everyone. I think it's time for a wake and bake. Well...I've been up for a couple of hours so it might not work quite like that. Oh well, huh?

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