Friday, April 11, 2003

Hmmm, I don't really feel like blogging. But I have nothing better to do. So...yeah. We'll try to make this quick...so I have something to do and I get this done.

Ok...last night I went home and flopped down on the loveseat. I wanted to sleep so badly, but people kept talking to me! First my dad, then my mom. When they finally left I just managed to drift off when P yells from the computer room about apartments. I yell back and then try to sleep again. Just drifting off again when she comes into the living room. We talk for a minute and I wake up. She tells me, oh we can talk about this later, go to sleep. AHHH!!! I have a really hard time sleeping in the day if I'm already awake. So drifting off the second time was lucky for me and wouldn't happen again. I had P call Clay and tell him we would eat (P was dying for mac and cheese), get ready and then go. Instead, we just got ready and went to taco bell. It took a long time to get ready too. P had me wearing my tight black shirt, black pants that lace up on the side and are trimmed with cheeta print and my cat ears. I was not in the mood to wear that. So I threw on my bellbottoms and stayed with the black shirt and ears. After taco bell, We had to go back to my house to wait for KJ. I dunno if I mentioned this but KJ and P broke up. Last week or something. Oh well. He came with us and we were on our way. But then...the entrance to the interstate was closed. So we drove all the way around...not a big deal only a couple 30 miles out of our way. Shawn asked us to stop by anyway and he lives over in that area. That's a pretty big area. And I got lost. Big surprise. But I called Shawn and his aunt gave me directions. Well, sorta. It was super easy and I'm totally ashamed that I couldn't find it. Oh well. Crystal, Robbie and Shawn were going.

We all drove to Clay's. Met up with Joey, Clay and Matt. Hung out for an hour +. Oh my gosh. I saw 8-Mile for the first time. I'm sorry, but how stupid! I laughed my ass off the whole time. I suppose it wouldn't have been as ridiculous if we hadn't had the closed captions, but that was so funny.

After that was done, we went to the club. It was really lame at first. There wasn't a lot of people at all. But I went out and danced with whoever anyway. We got up on the stage for a little bit. I was starting to get really pissed off. Cause Matt is a little bit of a flamer and he's also a really great dancer. Which don't mix well for some people. Anyway, I noticed a lot of people staring and a lot of people snickering. I gave dirty looks to a lot of people and was ready to go say something to a group, but Joey, Shawn, Clay, P, KJ, Robbie and Crystal walked up then. All I have to say to those people is "You're lucky they held me back you fuckin bitches!" Moving on.

Oh my gosh...this guy (who happened to be really hot) was talking to Shawn and I recognized him. So I said "Steve, right?....no Mike!" And he's like there ya go, smiling and nodding. He gave P a hug and then gave me one. He sat talking to us a bit and wow...he was good looking. We knew each other from working as lifeguards. I don't know if he actually recognized me and if he did, he prolly didn't know my name, but that's ok. I'm used to remembering everyone and not getting recognized. It was like a big ol' lifeguard reunion last night actually. I saw two other people I used to work with at the same place. I guess at least one of them still works there. Hmmm, Mike was yummy tho.

So it started to get more fun. The boiz paid more attention to the girls while we were there because it was a straight club. That made me happy, yet sad at the same time. I guess I'm just around homosexuality where it is the norm, being the club and my friend's houses. It made me really sad that they were actually a bit scared to be dancing together. We still had a ton of fun tho.

At a quarter to one, I decided it was time for me to go. Joey, Matt and Clay left first and I had to run out after them to get directions. P went home with Shawn and all them to drink. I drove home with KJ. He climbed in the backseat and was going to try and fall asleep. Which really ticked me off. So I called Levi and made sure that I didn't get lost, cause I was going to. He steered me in the right direction and then said he would call me back (he didn't). I didn't get lost, FUCKING HORRAY!! After a half hour KJ starts talking and asks about P. He's all messed up about her breaking up with him. I tried to say the right things...but man oh man. All I pretty much said was "people change" and "Being in a relationship is nice, I mean, it's what most people are striving for, but being single is a lot of fun too." Great huh? I could answer questions in an advice column. So he's quiet again for the next 15 minutes. Then we start talking again about fun stuff. Like how cool it would be in a music video if it showed an automatic car wash and at the end they rolled down the windows. Well, it seemed cool last night. So I went and washed my car...windows up of course. We actually had a lot of fun talking. Which surprised me. KJ and I kinda ... grated on each other. He thought I was annoying and I thought he was whiny baby.

So I can't smoke cigarettes anymore. I tried to last night...but it's not happening. I inhaled and almost threw up. So...no more smokey smoke for me. If it gets me to quit...goody. I shouldn't have started in the first place. I'm thinkin it was from on Tuesday when I smoked a bunch and then was sick...stupid blue UV. BLAT!

Jeeze, I did an awesome job keeping it short today. Oh well. It's not like I feel like doing anything else. I'm tired! But I got my whole bed to myself last night. Oh I can't tell you how nice that was! Maybe it wouldn't seem as nice if P was a hot guy there just to pleasure me, but since she isn't SING IT WITH ME! I got the whole bed, to myself. I got the whole bed, to myself. I got the whole bed, to myself. I got the whole bed to myself.

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