Monday, April 28, 2003

Hmmm, this weekend was a haze. As determined as I was to stay sober...it didn't happen.

Friday - P, C and I went to see Anger Management. Cute movie. Durring which my sister and W called five times (I had my phone on silent, no worries). Finally as the credits were rolling, I called them back. W wanted us to come over. So C dropped us off at home (she didn't really want to go) and P and I drove on over. We played a game or two of asshole and I only had one wine cooler (bleck, but better than beer). Then we retired into the smoking room. I don't know anymore. Ok yeah I do. I played Nintendo. Both Zelda and Super Mario Bros 3. Shawn came over. He said I had nappy hair (it's not nappy!). Ummm, I ate cookies. We watched something with Kermit the Frog in it. I couldn't move after awhile. This was some serious $160 an 1/8 stuff. So yeah.... P, Shawn and I stayed there.

Saturday - I woke up at 8 with Shawn and walked him to his car. Back to sleep. I woke up again at 11. P and I went back to my house, sat out in the backyard and did her hair. She had braided extensions and we took them out. Her hair was sooo poofy and wavy. We left it. She had a 'fro. We got all clean and ready to go to Madison. When I had talked to Levi earlier, we decided we should be there at 7. It takes about an hour to get there. We were running late (like always) when Levi calls at 6:30 and says he is in a town nearby and thinks we should do a ho-train to Mad-town when we go. But he's with some friends and they're going to have dinner. P and I waited for two hours and then just decided to go. During that time we walked in a cemetary and also the zoo. Fun times. We actually has some deep meaningful conversations about our goals in life and how we procrastinate on achieving them. We head off to Madison and I'm kinda depressed. Joey calls on the way and talking to him kinda makes me feel better. Except the whole:
Joey: Who is with you?
me: P
Joey: OH YAY! I LOVE P .... I love you too.
me: Gee thanks.
Joey: I do love you, I just love P more.
me: goody
P is Joey's favorite. Which is cool. I don't really have a problem with that, I just like to make him feel bad, which he doesn't so it's all a pointless mess. Fuck it.

On the way, I say that I want to stay sober. That my goal for the night is to stay sober. "P, please help me stay sober" She agrees and we continue.

Moving on. So Matt was the only one home when we got there. Joey walked in after a bit with a case of Triple Black under his arm. He says "YAY! We're getting fucked up tonight!" I argue with him for a couple of minutes and then give in. What the hell does it matter anyway? So we drink and smoke and just get messed up. Fun times. There was a dance party. We walked (well actually we jogged) to the store and got munchies. I made out with Joey but started laughing so he licked my face. Eww. Levi called sometime and told me why he wasn't there, but I forgot within seconds of him telling me. Joey mumbled for 10 minutes non-stop about nothing before he went to bed. Clay got home and everyone passed out. I stayed up and talked to Clay (as well as I could) and just kinda hung out. Finally he pulled the couch bed out for me and I laid down...completely gone.

Sunday - I woke up when some guy got there (5 in the morning or such), Clay introduced us and then I passed out again. When I woke up again at 7, Clay was laying beside me and we started talking. Apparently he and the guy fooled around a little and now the guy was in Derricks room and Clay was a lot pissed off about that. We both fell asleep. I woke up when the guy left. Fell asleep. Woke up again when Clay left for work at 10. Actually got up for a little while. Traded P spots cause that couch sucked. Almost fell asleep again when Derrick came running down the stairs late for work. He was running out the door when I told him I would give him a ride. So P and I took him to work, had a nice talk on the way. Derrick is such a sweetie and I didn't even know. I would like to hang out with him a bit more.

After we dropped him off we went to McDonalds. Yummy. Levi called while we were in the Drive Thru. He asked us to come over so we did. It was only a few blocks away. Hung out...a friend from Janesvegas showed up. It was cool to see him. Blah blah blah.

The drive home took forever because of traffic. Nice 45 minute standstill. You don't get that in Wisconsin normally. Well..yeah you do...I just hate traffic with a passion unnaturally devoted to hating traffic.

Back at home, P and I ran around in a hurry to get clothes, props and accessories for the photo shoot C wanted to do. See, C is a talented photographer. But she doesn't have much pictures of people because she doesn't ask. That's all she ever needs to do! But P and I offered up our bodies for her talents....uh, dirty. Not really. So we all went out to the cemetary and took a bunch of beautiful pictures. I really hope they look good and not cheesy. Cause I think they're going to be lovely. But it's hard to judge pictures of yourself knowing that they're going to be shown to a shit-ton of people. Especially if you're only wearing a slip...yeah...hmmm. We'll see I guess.

I'll finish later

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