Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I am so ready to just walk out of work and never come back. Really, I have a deadline next week and I am so far from accomplishing it...wow. I'm nervous. And stressed like you wouldn't believe. But no way am I going to let work stop me from having a good time while I'm not here.

Yesterday, Shawn called while I was at work and we talked for a half hour (I was on my cell and still doing work whilest talking). We made plans to hang out around 5:30. Then he called at a quarter to five and said he would be at my place at 7 cause he was going to go to Madison for a little bit. So I go home and have a bad moment having to deal with my sister's stupid fiancee (why is she letting him into the family? I mean, she doesn't even like him, why would we?) Moving on, I was in my room with the door locked reading and watching my video we made one night at a party at Clay's. P got home and had a shit-ton of new clothes from the K-mart going out of business in her home town. So we got to play with those, and I showed her my new stuff. P called C because I'm not calling anyone and told her to come over. We hung out, listened to music, talked. I called Shawn at 7:20 and he was still in Madison and said he would be on his way after they got out of the Boston Store. So C left at 9, I took a shower and then P and I went to Kitchen in town. We had a ton of fun there. We're such dorks! It's a good time. So then P called Shawn at 10:20 or something and he was just gettting on the interstate from Madison. I was so mad. First he doesn't call me this week, then when he does he doesn't even ask about me and when we're supposed to hang out, he leaves me waiting for hours! P and I decided that we would leave right when they got there. Didn't work. They pushed us back (literally) and trapped us in the booth. We finally left at 11:30 or something. I love Shawn to death, but that was rude. Oh well, what can ya do?

Going to the club tonight. I dunno if I really want to or not, but I promised people I would. So I'm going. horray. only not.

Oh I got a great little letter in the mail yesterday...no return address and all it had was a purple notecard with "you're so beautiful when you smile" written on it. Thanks kid! It great to receive yesterday of all days.

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