Monday, April 21, 2003

I didn't go to sleep until 4:30 am on Easter Sunday. Then I woke up at 10. Shawn came over and ate lunch with us. It was all very nice. After lunch we laid down for an hour and a half, but only slept about 45 minutes because we were wrestling and talking. I finally made him get up and we went with my sister's boyfriend and played basketball and then hack for a bit. He had to show off his stuff so we went back to his apartment and smoked a little. It's hazy today and making things look purple. Back to my house...we just kinda hung out. C came over eventually. We continued hanging out. Joey called and wished us a happy 420 and invited us over to his house before going to the club on Tuesday. Christian came over for a bit and ... issues there with him and Shawn, but I'm not going to go into it. I'm sure I kicked Shawn's ass a couple of times. We always beat each other up. It was kinda boring. I wanted to go to my sister's but no one else wanted to move. So finally P got home but then C had to go and leave. Timing people, come on. Shawn was sleeping in my bed and didn't want to move so I dragged P over to my sister's. I was just going to drop the cd off and leave, but I stayed and talked for a bit and then had to go in the smoking room. P came with of course. After a couple of big hits I decided that I was going to be fried in a couple of minutes. So I went out in the living room and watched Punk'd. Funny funny stuff right there. When it was done at 11, we left. I thought I was a little more sober...but no....I really wasn't. Back roads baby. I didn't see a single other car. Shawn was still sleeping in my bed, so I woke his ass up and made him go to work. P and I then texted messaged a bunch of people some fucked up messages. Laughing our asses off the whole time. I was whispering the entire night. It was a good time.

I love everyone. Seriously, I didn't get much sleep last night, have a ton of work to do today and it's shaping up to be a rough day...but I'm happy. Dunno why. It's just a happy day.

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