Monday, April 07, 2003

I had a blast shopping. I'm so glad I went. JC Penny is having this big sale, and I got some really cool stuff. First of all, it was Joey's birthday, so I had to get him a present. It was really cool cause I was walking around the juniors section and I saw like 5 shirts on a rack, I look at the first two and they're not cool, but the third one back was perfect for Joey! It's black with red around the sleeves and neck and a cartoon girl or something with a 'fro. Underneath her it says Caution: Bad Temper. When I think of Joey, I think Attitude! So it works. To celebrate I got myself a couple of shirts. Then at Maurices I got sunglasses and a watch to continue the festivities.

I went shopping alone and it didn't even bug me. Sometimes I get a little anxious about being alone in public. So I have a tendency to avoid doing it. But yesterday I set out with a mission and completed it just fine. Congratulations to me.

Otherwise, C and I went to Red Lobster for Joey. The only other people I knew was my new best friend Jason and then Matt. We had a lot of fun. And I got to eat shrimp. So all in all, not a bad time. On the drive home I called Clay and asked him if he wanted to go out to eat on Tuesday before we go to the club. I also called Shawn, but he sounded...busy...and said he would call me back.

Oh goody, hear this. Levi is in jail. I guess I can forgive him for not calling me now. He was going to call me and try to get me to go to this hot tub party...but he got pulled over, then he had the wrong plates on his car so they arrested him and then found out about the warrents. Sucky.

It's really crappy weather out today. I'd rather be home today than on Friday. Especially since I decided to stay up last night downloading music. But what's worse is my mom is driving my car to Madison today. Not that I'm worried about my mom driving my car, but I'm worried about anyone but me driving my car. And....I don't know what's in the trunk. I know there is a ton of stuff I'd rather she didn't see in a purse back there, but I dunno if she'll even bother with it. They're just putting in a new carpet, cause my car is ghetto.

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