Saturday, April 19, 2003

I had two very interesting chat sessions today:

KiaKllrchkn: oh my gosh...remember that guy that was totally hot that I was freaking out over because he's bi?
KiaKllrchkn: my parent's friend's son
CustomBoi: yeah
KiaKllrchkn: his parents are here
CustomBoi: LMAO
KiaKllrchkn: I know!
KiaKllrchkn: I have such a hard time keeping a straight face while looking them in the eye
CustomBoi: LOL
KiaKllrchkn: I just want to taunt them with "I know something you don't know! I know something you don't know!!!"
CustomBoi: LOL

KiaKllrchkn: are you going to be in Madison tonight?
GMCZ7190: no
KiaKllrchkn: aww shucks
GMCZ7190: monday for sure though cus i work tuesday at 7 am
KiaKllrchkn: well Cody and I are going to your house....and we were hoping to see ya but I guess you think you're too good for us
KiaKllrchkn: "little bitch" from Cody...with love
GMCZ7190: lol
GMCZ7190: of course
GMCZ7190: no lezbian sex in my room
KiaKllrchkn: oh come on
GMCZ7190: ok i guess but clean up the mess
KiaKllrchkn: all of it? can't we leave you something to remember us from?
GMCZ7190: leave it with levi
KiaKllrchkn: lol...will do!

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