Thursday, April 10, 2003

I'm not a lobster. I'm just a lesser shade of white. I mean, I can tell I went, but no one else can. We'll be going again soon I'm sure.

That's about all that happened last night. P and I hung out at home, went to Wal-mart, went tanning, went home, showered, watched Boiler Room, slept. woo hoo.

Shawn called while we were at Wal-mart. I told him I kissed Levi and he wanted to know why I haven't kissed him. What a dork. So now both Christian and Shawn owe me a kiss. How silly. Well, Chris owes me from when we played Spin the Bottle (oh my gosh) and Shawn just wants to be cool. (how juvenile does this entire paragraph sound? To tell the truth, I'm really a twelve year old little girl who dreams of marrying Aaron Carter and having twins named Lacey and Violet)

I love Levi!!! I'm so sad for him. He called me at 3 this morning and needed to talk. So I provided an ear and even got him to smile and laugh a little. The relationship that just ended for him was a big ol' complicated mess. So tonight I'm going to try my hardest to cheer him up. I don't think it will work, but damn it, I've got to try.

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