Thursday, April 03, 2003

Man, I am one whiny bitch. Ignore me. Well, don't ignore me...just ignore the bad parts.

I got home last night and went into my room. Everyone else was in the computer room, laughing. I just sat on my bed for a bit almost falling asleep. Then realized I was supposed to call L back. So I did. We chatted...actually we had a serious conversation or two. We were both miserable. But talking to each other helped us both feel better. It's just amazing to me that we're still friends and have been for .... 4 years. Considering our awful try at going out and him disapearing for a couple of months every now and then. He got another call and I migrated into the computer to try my hand at being cheerful. It almost worked. We messed around on the computer, downloaded some music (I finally found my music in Kazaa!) and picked on each other. Shawn had left earlier and Beppo was there now. L called back and I was talking to him and Matt on the phone while P was IMing them. It was interesting. My friends decided that I'm a master multi-tasker cause then Jacob was online so I kicked P off and had to chat with him. So I was chatting with Matt, L and Jacob while on the phone with L and talking to them. And it worked. Jacob and I are planning on hanging out Saturday night. Then on Sunday, I'll prolly go over to L's for a bit (if it's ok with him) and then Sunday night I have Joey's party. Oh shit...I have to go shopping. After that I grabbed P and we went into my room and finished watching the video of the party at Clay's. Interesting. We sat and talked for a bit. We both had issues last night and it's nice to be able to talk about anything. Beppo came in after a bit and we all just laid on the bed talking. Then we realized South Park had been on for 15 mins already so we moved into the other room at high speeds. P was supposed to meet KJ at 9:00 or something, but we kidnapped her and made her stay and watch the new South Park with us. It was hilarious. "Fly away now Officer, flyflyfly." "Policeman Brown, never quite made it to Officer, Policeman Brown?" "I'm going to kill you, but all I could afford was this wiffle bat" Well, I laughed. Then I showered. P and Beppo left after I got out and I got back online to check out my bank stuff. I'm so rich. Until I pay my bills today. Then I'm broke. That's about it.

I know. I'm sooo interesting.

While talking, P made the startling relevation that Shawn is really mean to me. He's joking, but he's mean. Oh my gosh, I hadn't noticed. But she said, he said (gossip!) that he knows he's mean and he's going to be nicer. Unlikely. LOL, this sounds so much like middle school. Oh the drama!

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